Amazed! The judgement to accomplish such designs Honoured must be the scribe who recorded the plan Even the minutest details have symmetrical facets Infinite appearances are a manifestation of cosmic perception Aligned to the existence that is vibrant and inspiring An experience of life is one of the dimensions of omniscient plan Feel the harmony and realise the Divine desire of existence Colors of this … Continue reading Designs

Waiting for a Sign

The wind has surprisingly lost its passion Frail and dizzy, it trails through the boughs Essence of melancholy stealthily floats across Faint sighs reverberate through the landscape Today, the day progresses with careless attitude A suave Sun failed to inspire the day Wind carries the burden of an untold message With keen ears the traveler wanted to listen Some feelings just seep in with reluctance … Continue reading Waiting for a Sign

Reality and Illusion

One soul realizes the true nature of reality Another believes existing illusions are real Too many thoughts have created life’s graffiti Both the reality exists and run parallelly Two souls meet to begin a conversation Heart’s are already too distanced  Existential reality of the universe is challenged Illusion is wily and tries to beguile the senses An awakened soul realizes the sinister plot Reality stays for … Continue reading Reality and Illusion

Lost in Time

Life, held captive by Time A world transformed into phases Compartmentalization of life becomes a Reality Firmament is a silent spectator, dismayed One cannot escape this confusion to seek Solitude Unsure of the Self, every corner of the world will be unknown When lost with Time, the consciousness is chaotic Trying to solve the delusion between Reality and Time Let life be the mirror and … Continue reading Lost in Time

The Mind and Possibilities

Consider, mind to be a blueprint of the miniature version of the universe. There are many galaxies and the cosmic world encapsulated in the design. We do not realize, that the mind, although, a part of our body, can represent the entire cosmic realm. A world conjured by a magical and intense magnitude that manifests the eternal concept of existence. The body, which is transient, … Continue reading The Mind and Possibilities


Time is the eternal sculptor Chiseling away through centuries To create innovative masterpieces Where many facets of life emerge Bridging the past, present and future Shaping the moments we dwell in Where events are scheduled To display the varied installations That cannot be replicated Recorded in the chronicles of time When our world will fade away But time will be there till eternity Relentlessly sculpting … Continue reading Time