Surviving Thoughts

If not the mind ruminated on disavowed thoughts From the first faint light to the darkest hours There would have been much more time Without being submerged in unnecessary worries Nebulous times erased from every clock Dreams would have opened up about intrinsic plans ‘Stand back’ says the eyes that seek clarity Live and breathe the simple ideas of universe Go back a few steps … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts


Thoughts dart around like flies Constant buzz encircle the mind relentlessly Anxious sensors scrutinise new perceptions Thoughts flow in undulations A momentary glance is not enough Reflections transform like magic Downstream travels the transient images It’s the trust in cosmic persuasion It takes immense faith to submerge Decipher the depths without drowning Ecstatic freedom bolsters the feeble wings Stratospheric awakening for the soul Pure thoughts … Continue reading Seeking

Life Continues

Life never stops, even when I am motionless These profound moments allow the mind to mature In silence, I have engaged in meaningful dialogue with myself Many voices that were unheard were expressing their thoughts Soul visions the unknown dimensions to give a glimpse of life When the mind is alert and awakened during the quiescent phase The Universe’s motion and my progress in life synchronize This … Continue reading Life Continues

The Inspiring Universe

Thank thee, the magnanimous Universe I dedicate every verse to you Every thought and feeling come from you For I have been the silent one Trying to comprehend the beauty of chaos Life arises with purity Dreams that synchronize with eternal world Enjoy the transience Many such moments will occur to inspire soul From journey to journey Preparing for a conscious transition of life Experience eternity in … Continue reading The Inspiring Universe


Breach the limited spaces created for thoughts that are futile Show some resilience and start thinking beyond the conventional  When every possible thought settles in a common cauldron And they lack the power to evoke new dimensions of existence Stay away from popularity and express feeble ideas for recreation Embolden the soul to seek and continue a journey through eternal realms Without being comfortable with … Continue reading Perspective


When you have found yourself in the dark You have finally experienced the divine radiance Aware of the warmth in the coldest time Finding your way sure-footed amidst the traps Dodging the entire world of manipulations When night is not alien anymore, you realize There is no day and night, but only pure existence Differentiating pulls the moments apart Creating hollow spaces of undesirable emotions … Continue reading Radiance

The Mind and Freedom

The mind is not a spool To be wounded with loose threads of disparate knowledge Assimilated from hearsay, hypotheses, and unpredictable sources The foolish mind will be entangled Trying to bind all possible real knowledge with the threads And limit the flourishing flow of true knowledge A mind that vacillates between dark abysses  Trying vehemently to propagate the memorized prejudices And finding ways to gain … Continue reading The Mind and Freedom