Against Time

Pressed against time, beyond its limits Again, everything for gain, but losing its shape The creaky folds give out a warning Disturbing the uneasy silence Weighing down on the freedom of life Helpless earth, patterned with erratic movements Timeless echoes become louder Cutting through the fabricated reality ~Amitav Continue reading Against Time

Is this a New Awakening

My curled up days, the fetal position, when days give a slender chance Stubborn chill the amplified shrill amidst a silent uprising of desires Staring at the primeval fears when cosmic churning are vigorous Blank spaces have become aggressive and possessive, it a wild chase Up there, beyond the clouds, much deeper into the celestial abyss Change of consciousness, a new plan is written on … Continue reading Is this a New Awakening

It’s Quiet

At the quietest hour it escapes from darkness’s possession Its anonymity helps find the passage toward the everyday ritual Waiting to feel that cosmic spark, to ignite with benevolent light From the embrace of life and sleep and frolicking dreams A serpentine demarcation between reality and illusion In a fetal position, life wakes up from another conscious separation Into the most peaceful world, wordless, without … Continue reading It’s Quiet


Core concept of existence is always immaculate Preserved in timelessness and changes are subtle Continuity is the lifeline with self-healing ability Through infinite dimensions of shapeshifting reality Mythical realms inspired by the cosmic awakening Boundless is life when soul surrenders to Truth Power dwells not within concrete arrogance of minds Reality eludes the seekers waylaid by expectations Spiritual disillusionment exhausts the soul and mind Trying to traverse … Continue reading Concepts


There are times when Time is perceived to be an adversary The conflicting concepts can set them apart by abysses Depends on how Time behaves- with maturity or disdain None can predict the birth of such an illusionary phase Keeping track of Time itself is an off-track task Caught between the cusp of yin and yang  It’s time to adopt the timelessness to pace the journey … Continue reading Infinite


O’Nameless, you reside within me Custodian of the Soul Voiceless, and yet, the most profound Communicates with the subliminal Directs life by guiding the Senses Silence leaves the Self bewildered Clarity dazzles the vision for a moment Messengers come from every direction Teachings of the infinite world There’s no language to distort reality A miracle of eternal knowledge  Fills the crucible of wisdom  Awakens the … Continue reading Realization


Be remembered by the beautiful fragrance Emanating from your beautiful feelings A loving heart is a messenger of beauty Anointed in myrrh and surrendered to Divinity The eternal world guides the Spirit Footsteps inspire the Earth to spring blossoming flowers Entire landscape is embraced in contentment Rejuvenating life and delivering the message of Love Blessed with eternity is the soul in this pursuit Trail of fragrant feelings transforms … Continue reading Messenger

In Sleep

The body is asleep Mind is awake and aware Navigating the entire universe Sailing on a ship named Sleep Negotiating the various waves- Harmonizing and turbulent Yet, the sailor sails through Mind is an excellent helmsman Deep into the surreal world Sleep is a wonderful experience An adventure of dreams Thankful for the mind being awake For a journey into eternal knowledge© Continue reading In Sleep