Known and Unknown

Everyone wishes to know Yet, no one knows for sure Of that, we know already Our speeches waver with uncertainty We never seek knowledge Rather, hunt for logical reasoning Hurried in the blind pursuit Life pulled in different trajectories Obstinately trying to fuse existence Aware of the obfuscated memory So many chapters are expunged The mind frantically bounces up and down That does not impact … Continue reading Known and Unknown

Guided by Imagination

Imagination should lead to thoughts Those are pure and liberating Let not thoughts creep into the mind To warp the mind with pseudo-knowledge Believe in the sagacity of silence From stillness, one can reach greater heights Almost levitate towards pure knowledge Everything depends on consciousness And not the learned by rote perceptions Borrowed from hearsay and clichés There is wisdom in exploring without influence When the soul … Continue reading Guided by Imagination

It’s Consciousness

If we are conscious Let’s assimilate all the dimensions It’s not only a human aspect But the consciousness of any life We cannot be partial When trying to comprehend an origin Birthed from the One consciousness Much more than perception Exceeding our comprehension It’s an experience  When the mind is awakened Pulsating with cosmic energy The self is an incarnation  With many experiences Converging into … Continue reading It’s Consciousness

New Life

We are interfering with Nature’s affairs Trying to restrain the expanse of Life Man’s shrinking consciousness Elicits the abhorrent plans to design Mechanize the essence of human form Altering the feelings to reckless pursuits Coerced to trust alternative reality Real power of the universe will be elusive From the sinister minds of humanity Nature will transmute to a cosmic vortex To transport the hindering consciousness’ … Continue reading New Life

From the Summit

Eyes scan the entire landscape from the summit Embracing everything, as the differences and borders blur Feel the soul of the land between your palms As vision spans across many dimensions to create a plan Plant the seeds of unknown knowledge with care The land will yield consciousness to nurture life Waiting for an unborn Reality to usher ultimate awakening Reflection of multiple existences will converge … Continue reading From the Summit

Appearance and Reality

The absence of Light makes a difference To the eyes that see the superficial facades Night does not take away the reality Visible only to the one who looks through the soul’s eyes Cosmic Grace never leaves the awakened Spirit Illuminated forever to see the day in entirety Faith in the Supreme energy shows the path ahead As silence flows through the body There comes … Continue reading Appearance and Reality