When one does not have the courage to read the truth How can one dream of experiencing it? It’s true, the truth is scathing and unabashed about disrupting the misdoings Misguided life may cruise through the empty labyrinths of unfettered beliefs Words stare menacingly at the attempts being made to construct lies Flagellated tongue can barely utter the sentiments without faltering But scathing nonetheless, they … Continue reading Courage

Settle it with Writing

Writing settles so many questions, but the writer is unsettled initially, has to inspire the self to look for a courageous narrative to emphasize with strong emotions. It’s a dichotomy, where the writer and concept are in a contradictory position and it is difficult resolving such passionate issues with few words. The necessity to write down the experiences encompasses some unrealized spectrum of life. It … Continue reading Settle it with Writing

Listen with Purpose

What you tell, is what you hear from sundry voices Wait! Listen keenly to that feeble voice trying to connect Distracted heart and impatient ears go off to faraway lands Following those voices narrating from antsy moments When tongue gets tied with unscrupulous feelings Language dilutes with pessimism and sudden outbursts Disparaging the healthy language and discouraging hope Of listening to optimistic voices of transformation To … Continue reading Listen with Purpose

Speaking of Courage

There is no compulsion to accept the lessened reality Spare some time for the mind to use wisdom and decide Unlikely, someone else’s truth actually reflect conviction Freedom is beneficial for the soul to prosper in eternity Depreciated realities form plateaus of insipid existence Imagining without being influenced in always fearless Even the remembrances shine with natural facets A real botheration to engage with fatigued … Continue reading Speaking of Courage


Curved thoughts strain the mind  Finding it difficult while negotiating a bend Unassailable spaces are confronted The absolute seems a distant reality Gesturing the heart to accompany at this hour Until the ambivalence is resolved Life’s dreams are under an obscure veil Earnestly waiting for that sunlight Till they awaken and puncture the bubble Wiping away the agony of dichotomy Finding the courage to straighten everything ~Amitav Continue reading Unbend

The Blank

Not all blank spaces can be filled by desired feelings They exist to bridge the journey towards another destination It takes courage and faith to rely on the unknown Allow the steps to be lighter before embarking on the journey Leave the burden aside, reconcile and move on Try moving closer to the nucleus of consciousness Compose a summary of sincere renunciations Perhaps, the blank … Continue reading The Blank

Eternity’s Hope

Freedom hibernates at the precipice of faulty reasoning Amaranthine fusion with the soul won’t relinquish just yet Handing over the red carnations from an endless bouquet of hope Waiting for that warm kiss to rescue those sighing emotions Honouring that oath taken in the presence of cosmic Spirit Time does not have the strength to ravage resilient mantra Cosmic incantations can heal the debilitating fractures … Continue reading Eternity’s Hope