Nothing But Surrender

You have woven the lies masterfully to enervate the environment Without being distressed over rapidly eroding trust from the soil Roots are losing the instinct to go deeper and find their strongest region A willful surrender, too often struck down by the inimical stories Every day you have to quit… although, there is enough time to crawl Across rough terrains, on bruised knees, and pain … Continue reading Nothing But Surrender


Battling the phantom issues; they rise from the land of darkness Enemies were raised from the spiteful imaginations- gone wild, wild, wild The desire to see through the darkness and wishing for a gift for those warriors Messengers with misinterpreted messages and deeply flawed perceptions Waiting for some fiercely breathtaking adventures in the midst of dusty terrains Shrouded in perpetual darkness; closely, the warriors whisper … Continue reading Flawed


Timid thoughts dare to run the course Wants to disentangle from the intimidations Of being called names by the unknown voices O’er there, the solitude is overbearing Foamy skies darken the spirit of the day Unknown sorcery wields the sinister wand Not all the forces here are friendly to life Incisive time scythes the emergence of new Dismal thoughts translated with dreadful ink Nothing moves, … Continue reading Timidity

Unconvincing Reason

Using ill-conceived reasons to allegedly convince others to move away from the knowledgeable reasons that have evolved from the intense thinking of senses represent a vulgar approach to push people away from reasoning convincingly.   Jealousy may serve the purpose of an over-inflated ego but ultimately becomes a tyrannical master to ruin any ethical reasoning. Life thereon becomes an excruciating journey devoid of any particular … Continue reading Unconvincing Reason

In Vain

A grand idea to capture love with hatred and intimidation Weaving a narrative with charlatan ideas; a weapon of self-destruction The hurled denunciations erupt accidentally to wound the perpetrators Same ammunition to defame and denude the truthful feelings Abandoned sanity try to reason with psychotic advances of thoughts Paying to create the cowardly delights and celebrating craziness It’s a futile struggle of despots to earn … Continue reading In Vain

Visible Anarchy

Torrential reflections create a vulgar scenario of chaos From transcendental mirrors emerges the truth Unnecessary obsession with mercenary thoughts Combatting the heavy-handed progress of deployed anarchy Nothing is substantial amidst the unrealistic fury Poltroons fail to articulate the real desires convincingly Nursing the repeated failures with numbing lotions Temporary comfort nudges the soul to retreat to a corner Invisibility of spirit eases the influencing of minds … Continue reading Visible Anarchy

Feeble Thoughts

Subservient thoughts prepare to live a coward’s life Always eager to conform and descend to apologize Safety of being in a crowd of similar ideas is an illusion Pursuing diligently out of fear of being reprimanded Individuality, a submissive word amidst imitations Flattery is utmost buffoonery to be the cynosure   Openly scorning the truth and imbibing platitudes With impudence manipulating the freedom of intellect Always eager … Continue reading Feeble Thoughts