Headline Headaches

Everywhere, it is emphasized that a powerful headline attracts readers. There are so many bold ideas for coming up with bold statements just to craft a crown. Indeed, now that we decide on reading a certain piece of article, story, an essay based on a headline. What if the headline is ordinary and the written piece is exemplary and a thoroughly researched one that you … Continue reading Headline Headaches

Contrary Perceptions

It’s difficult to focus away from the lament and appreciate the verses Whether it is dislike, disenchantment, and delusional aversion, is debated in every age Truth is unbearable; chronicling the temperamental world’s deviations Not all of them have the same background, but the prevalent contempt cannot be erased Symmetrical, ungainly, and even preposterous sometimes can still speak the truth Drafts of a craft, when it … Continue reading Contrary Perceptions

Mundane Tragic Elements

While writing tragedies and eulogizing them with the intention of not only an artistic purpose but also to generate intense emotions, it becomes a habit of tragic-philosophical expression in a mundane language. While scrutinizing life there is a chance of missing out the subconscious darkness that casts a shadow on a piece of writing. Literature is about exploring all the elements of life, the positive and negative, and creating a balanced view through mature interpretations of life. To emphasize … Continue reading Mundane Tragic Elements

The Passion for Writing

The only cure for writing is to write even more; there isn’t any distraction that is persistent and bold enough to pull away from this journey. It’s not the temptations of words, but a strong persuasion of the heart to translate the secret conversations. They need to be there; rest on the blank pages and cushion their restlessness. For a while, everything feels insipid, colourless, … Continue reading The Passion for Writing

How to Write Confidently

Read, but don’t read anything that fancies your eyes; the narrative should appeal to your heart. Try to think beyond the conventional. It is the writer’s ability to imagine a story that will reflect all the dimensions of life. Writing must be brave; do not conform to the usual storytelling ideas and never fashion your writing according to the set ideas. Write with a natural … Continue reading How to Write Confidently

Existential Crisis of Writing

Vague communication of writing brings an existential crisis. An unconvincing story or oft-repeated narratives presented in a sensational way does not excite a reader. A writer has to evolve and resist the lure of clichés and choose the words carefully. The seriousness of words is reflected in their authenticity and originality. There is an incoherent search for the etymology of words in an effort to … Continue reading Existential Crisis of Writing

A Writer and the Creative Journey

Realizing the seamless flow of imagination encompassing every nuance of the universe’s moods, creativity takes wing to fly across the realm beyond existing rationale. It opens the floodgates for the soul to experience the birth of new ideas which finally blends with the life-force of the writer. Creativity is a blend of many such ideas which bares their soul to the curious mind of the … Continue reading A Writer and the Creative Journey