A Jealous Pleasure

Jealousy carries a type of inherent dullness. There is a certain cunningness to lure the gullible individual towards the jealous characteristics; introduced as the elixir to enhance one’s credibility and fuel passive-aggressive behaviour. How comfortably jealousy blends itself with the native thoughts depends on eagerness, as well as, the promises made by its doctrines. The promises to endure, improve, and excel by adhering to the … Continue reading A Jealous Pleasure

Out of this Dream

If this is a dream without being asleep Reality that ceases to exist; is not true anymore Can’t be touched or felt, But inquired in imaginations Why is the body so tamed? Afraid to knock on the closed doors There’s fragility and palpitations Snatching away dreams that are available Unwilling to share; an unholy plot To monitor the thoughts Every possible mind plugged to a … Continue reading Out of this Dream