The Blinkers

Forked ideas pick on the brains at will, rather ferociously, as the ravenous ideologies desire to chew on them. Interesting times always; there is an evolution of narcissism, and its rapid proliferation has become sophisticated with the digital age. It travels swiftly across the globe, creating sensational ripples to unsettle subtle ideologies. There is the propensity to seek validation; be it one’s conviction about faltering thoughts or deep-rooted cynicism that is eager to find legitimacy. So, the best way is to … Continue reading The Blinkers

Thoughts Consequence

When thoughts are not ours to keep Cannot be abandoned either Without ruminating much over their fate Magnetism of reality transforms them into actions Not preferably preferable  But fatal optimism draws them out from hiding That train of thought leads towards incidents Cannot be figured out from their disguise From one place to another Which one is really trustworthy? Principles of tragedy contemplate Characteristic of … Continue reading Thoughts Consequence


The psychology of philosophy demolishes many myths of human character: the actions, reactions, choices, justifications, judgments, behaviour, and prejudices. It is obvious that philosophy deconstructing human nature will attract criticism, denial, and outright vilification. The philosopher’s choice of words constructs a credible narrative from deep observation and introspection (necessary to erase any doubt and biased perspective) that can shape the work into some delusional critical … Continue reading Interpretations

Acceptance and Reality

What if you are peeking unnecessarily through a broken prism to gather some distorted perspectives? Quite plausible, you reality or truth may not have as much clarity after all. We all look for that truth to make storytelling as convincing as our heart would like to delve deeper into the feelings. Circumstances seem to be contradictory and inconsiderate of our effort, and the pen does … Continue reading Acceptance and Reality


An unfortunate want interrupts the sonorous voice from narrating the stories It was just about to begin when the mind was distracted by numerous desires Which universe conspires to unsettle the being with such trivialities? Impending quarrel darkens the mood and engages the senses for a duel With the being that did not wish to be interrupted while the narrations were about to begin Surrounded by … Continue reading Interruptions

The Pursuit

The valiant eyes have to seek beyond the obvious to gather new perceptions If not one wishes to view the world with someone else’s Rearrange the thoughts, or even erase some of them; annoyingly burden the space And pulling the eyes away from core consciousness of life Evaluate philosophy rather boringly; it’s an experience one cannot surrender to reluctant minds To remain oblivious to the … Continue reading The Pursuit

Of Criticisms and Praise

Instead of pushing back criticism, collect them and analyze their psychology. It may reflect surprising, otherwise hidden, some nuanced behavioural aspects of how humans react to situations. A piece of writing may be followed by praise or criticism. While all praises may not be justified, the criticisms, although incisive may speak volumes about characteristics of minds and their reactions to a piece of writing. Reflect … Continue reading Of Criticisms and Praise

How far Creativity can Journey

Creativity is a journey where you will be questioned about the intentions. When you create something, especially a story from your imaginations, you have to be convinced about your ability to conceive every aspect of an idea. An idea is just the beginning, maybe a point; a pulsating core, from which you radiate across the spectrum of creativity. Are you really writing what you genuinely … Continue reading How far Creativity can Journey

Love Affair with Thoughts

Love affair with thoughts continue to intrigue the mind Even the heart is unaware sometimes and baffled at the emotions Arising from an unknown space of existence; a search continues Thoughts may stifle and trifle, even miscalculate the relationship Eyes wide open but the images remain constant and repetitive Change seems to be a disguised distraction to colour perceptions Evanescent love affair with thoughts magnify the … Continue reading Love Affair with Thoughts

As Thoughts Behave

The deluge of thoughts can be overwhelming when the fortress of the mind crumbles due to discomfitting feelings. Vulnerability draws a pattern of fissures that expand and reluctantly grow apart. Selfish self-love or just a pretense to keep away the minds from prying too much. They have this habit of peeking unnecessarily; a habit that defies logic, especially among adults. What’s the pleasure of knowing … Continue reading As Thoughts Behave