Comparing Criticisms

I do not know if criticisms work, whether it is ‘constructive criticism’ or ‘destructive criticism’. Criticisms are here to stay and even gets more sophisticatedly vicious. Ideally, criticism is necessary and must only come after much investigation and deliberation. There must be a reason and method to reach a point and build the premise for authentic criticism. Unfortunately, criticisms have been out of a mala … Continue reading Comparing Criticisms

What we Determine

While severing the ties with better things with life, there is also the urgency to cure them with a fierce bitter medicine. It is not about Alchemy, but the foolish concoction of therapies devised from the sinister desire to determine the most potent philosophies to be terminally ill. The said drugs are administered to control the pure energies of thoughts, which, at an initial stage … Continue reading What we Determine

Holding on to the Silence

Silence is brilliantly patient while waiting for adverse moments to disappear. Holds the secrets with utmost resilience and loyalty. In a world where words topple over each other to be heard, ideologies clash, and knowledge sublimates to a different state of irrelevance, one can rely on silence to guard the legitimate thoughts against decay. Time is inimical, as debates run on to the stages built … Continue reading Holding on to the Silence

Thinking Enough

Not thinking enough and thinking more among the crowded thoughts leave insufficient space to accommodate different ideologies that have the ability to create a more conducive environment for critical thinking; a much required trait when limitations are imposed. Being frail in the mind can further the vulnerabilities and hinder the progress of progressive philosophies.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thinking Enough

Life and Philosophy 

People usually are quite reticent where good advice is concerned. There’s a psychological limitation created due to various social philosophies that have been erroneously considered to be the truth.  There seems to be a mental inertia when positive philosophies are discussed. A pattern of clichés form answers to such advice; usually, a lack of real intention to think about life after relinquishing the traditional views.  … Continue reading Life and Philosophy