Vulnerable Times

“Are the thoughts durable enough?”, asks the vulnerable times It’s just early evening that succumbs to the rough hurriedness Persistent demands in an irritable language drown the senses There’s no one to rein in the words; they are of a stubborn nature Forces of a riotous type drive the thoughts across in screeches Chaffed dialogues speak of a more devastating supine nature Looks harmless from … Continue reading Vulnerable Times

Art of Deception

Unparalleled mastery at the art of deception Chanting the clichés in the most glib way possible Turning around situations in favor of oneself Words are spilled like oil creating a slippery ground Unaware footsteps are sure to falter and slide Along the smooth and flimsy ground of deception Dexterously looking to spin a bamboozling web around The ferocious urge to prowl and stalk the unaware … Continue reading Art of Deception