Twist of Time

Embellished with carefully crafted lies Bedeviled by the uproarious times Camouflaged reflections Murky waters offer the perfect distractions One by one the faces appear Presented by the devil’s sculptor Supine faith woven across the spine New anatomy of the evolving times ~Amitav Continue reading Twist of Time

Sinister Darkness

The thoughts cling to the dispiriting darkness One soul cannot escape and pulls others into that environment Cunningly looking at each applaud, gauging their sentiments Darkness may be evil, but the one who lures revels in sinful pleasures Treasures from darkness scraped off by the talons Spirits transformed by the one who rules over the dead Weaning the weaklings towards the weaknesses of evil ~Amitav Continue reading Sinister Darkness

Shadows Unknown

Following the shadows of unknown forces  Temptress impresses with an alluring gaze Chase, the traces of some provocative dream Desolate path, but a nonchalant heart walks Towards the sentried gates of pandemonium Woken up by the cunning gestures Turning away from paradisical reality Even an oath was taken in haste Chaste senses were charmed by shadows Spirit of this Earth never speaks of them In … Continue reading Shadows Unknown


Crabbed minds hold on to ideas with such steely pincers Especially, a truth that has been modified and mollified Holding the truth in a miserable state of consciousness Except for the truth that should have been, is executed So many stakeholders come for a common purpose Of infecting the minds with the pandemic ideologies Happy playing with the altered and contagious truth Such is the … Continue reading Obscurantism


Love loses its way through the complicated wandering of a heart adamantine Crouching along the imposing arches and derelict pillars, it’s an unusual predicament Cryptic glances misinterpreted, some weird tales are woven with incendiary sentiments Base concupiscence diminish the soul of love into an apparition with malevolent feelings For, the arches may twist and pierce the crouching spine like a cunning marksman In excess hues, … Continue reading Accursed


The strung-out words wrenches the beautiful feelings Distraught and distorted, their reflections are contorted reality Mirror may be accused to be at fault for mirroring the twisted realms There is a world beyond oneself where the eyes can seek  With freedom and not being reprimanded for accentuating the defined contours Specific and determined, a vainglorious passion amplifying certain emotions Which seems to be cathartic, but … Continue reading Deceptions