Harm Less

We can harm stones too Stony paths traversed Carrying the feelings like a misshapen rock Jagged edges bleeding the soul We could have been cured The prevailing melancholia transforming into poison Heartless now, in the midst of a desert Fine granules of time hurt the eyes Parched souls favor the deepening loveless life Hurtling themselves towards a chasm Working out the Karma The pestilence of … Continue reading Harm Less


Caught between the true reflections and illusions There is a danger in adjusting the perceptions According to the crafty mirrors creating apparitions Life settles between the wrinkles- reminiscing quietly Toiling away during unearthly hours; till the last breath Tricks the clocks to move toward an unsure reality Of all the abysses, the one of fearful nothingness is perilous Unaware of what life will be beyond … Continue reading Entangled

Eluding Peace

When we cannot keep pace with peace it feels absurd Calamitous dreams flow like the unknown rivers of the netherworld That warm feeling of drowning the self in the desirous current There could be an uprising of a wintry feel- the self-contradiction Frozen time stabs threateningly like a thousand steely knives  Stalactite thoughts claim to subdue the mind with fierceness When shadows become bigger than … Continue reading Eluding Peace

Reticent Dreams

The forsaken truth lieth under an enormous shroud Weird wildness, the clime ascends towards an unknown realm Obscure images lure the eyes through an unlit space Unfamiliar with the dullness of this intensity, vision feels mislead An idea of toppling the truth has become an obsession Lonesome sky flares up and surges ahead with rare fury Outspread time becomes insubstantial- the pause is stifling If … Continue reading Reticent Dreams


Nature’s dangerous, but its beauty is delicate How well the mind comprehends the eloquence and embraces Depends on the magnanimity of a heart Even, one who reaches further to seek affiliation with its soul But we fear more and annihilate in a preemptive manner Every charming nature has that unseen ferocity to defend itself We may be invoking its wrath with less than dignified vilification … Continue reading Dangerous


When the thoughts are being dragged out heartlessly None of the heart’s protest mattered to the onlookers Inadvertently showing allegiance to wrongful might Is it passive anger or the inability to feel someone’s plight? Envious reflections are incisive and curtail any reasoning Such obdurate silence invoke the spirit of utter destruction So often seduced by the dangerous ideas, it’s a mystery Beliefs require little persuasion … Continue reading Heartless