Surprising glimpse of rustic images Sleeping city in the foetal position Dreaming of a primeval world Continuing with the traditional sleep Vanishing haziness expose the pureness Longing of the soul arise at predawn Fading of the artificial barriers Cleansing of an overused canvas Crushing so many desires and colours Imploring everyone to identify them Subjugating energised pure imaginations Concealing truth in deceptive designs Darkling landscapes … Continue reading Emerging

Rushing towards a Dawn

Rushing towards the morning without taking off the night’s robe Waiting for the first hint of light after a gruelling debate with worries They were eager to write an epitaph without the flair for that language Unwilling to emend the phrases and pauses; they felt so inappropriate First glances of light erased the sense of gloomy deliberation of night The eyes were waiting to decipher … Continue reading Rushing towards a Dawn

Change in the Horizon

Tonight, the stars will be bewildered by the celebrations Of change that we all seek passionately; drown the voices with noise Some of the events would be arranged, some forgotten Others scattered here and there, but the precious ones settled deep As the darkness is lit up by smiles, prayers, and lights There are those ripples of memories slowly playing with the mind For now, … Continue reading Change in the Horizon

From Evening to Dawn

Crimson worries, rhythmical silence notes down secretly The calligraphic notes brushed finely by the excellent winds Language divine, pacify them- the heart feels assured for now Dusk covers everything like the loving concern of a mother Says, “sit here as long as you wish, but settle the worries” Tonight, before the long walk back home, feel confident Tired legs must walk towards the bed with … Continue reading From Evening to Dawn

Momentous Event

Sweet indolence of silhouettes expresses their feelings Charming surrender at the altar of eternal silence Darkness yet to be woken up from the midnight green bed Through the arcs, folds, and screens of hazy wilderness First light prepares to ease the creases of night’s languor A momentous event unfolds across the valleys Cosmic pulses set the rhythm of a new dawn Latent feelings and awakenings … Continue reading Momentous Event

Reflections of Dawn

Dawn spills over with aureate splendour Lanterns can be extinguished and kept away Its tiredness is palpable in the languorous smoke Unfulfilled dreams have to wait for another night Another day will bring resplendent wishes Transparent weaves allow the light to caress the eyes At leisure the soul awakes to a new invitation Invocation of life’s mantra rejuvenates the soul© Continue reading Reflections of Dawn