Early Ruminations

The unexpected glare of a morning disperses the gloominess Life is easy with the simplicity and not much curiosity from passersby Keeping track of time feels immoral when life just wishes to pause Leisurely looking through the haze of humanity, not an infantile fantasy A search for some promising visions, if possible for the feeble consciousness My desires may be incoherent with the acceptable moralities … Continue reading Early Ruminations

Uneasy Stirring

I have not surrendered to the collective daydream Ceded this space of mine to the indistinct thoughts Carved with passionate dreams, it remains untouched Ignored the pestering calls of unknown passers by Fervently throwing pamphlets at my doorstep Composed with insanity, in an indecent language That which they have gathered from errant conditioning Minds have been snatched away; apogee of humiliation Blustering voices try to … Continue reading Uneasy Stirring

From a Vantage Point

A home away from home descends faintly in the imaginations From a vantage point, the eyes scan extensively for that distant reality Leisurely mind reclines on the soft mattress for long contemplation To sort out the contrasting images and find the relevant pieces of a puzzle Breathe life into a withdrawn reality and further the scope of existence Reach for the skies to pull down the … Continue reading From a Vantage Point