Fatal Obsession

Feelings aren’t expurgated; they do not carry the same innocence once it gets caught in that act Conditions of the heart become feeble when harsh conditions are dictated by an oppressor World’s obsession with curbing the natural enthusiasm has distorted the meaning of love With all those frozen emotions losing their charm flow aimlessly like a forgotten brook through a dark forest Taut nerves form … Continue reading Fatal Obsession


Oblivious captives of the mind, an irony of life unfolds Words are spoken without care, sheathed in unconscious incisiveness Directions of life go haywire and precariously balanced on edges There’s not enough pure love to nourish the ailing intellects Picking up the strewn crumbs of knowledge and feeding the mind Immature revolts are repulsive as they expose the grotesque thoughts An idea of success is being … Continue reading Oblivious

On Deserted Land

When Life becomes a corporate misjudgment All the false notions incorporated in the essence Body and soul experience a rift of a  lifetime Exchange of incoherent meanings widens the chasm Duality of Life is exponentially highlighted to the world When the regular consciousness becomes influenced Even shadows conflict, narrating the distress within Concoction of lies creates an unsavory potion of Life Describing humans as an antithesis … Continue reading On Deserted Land