Looking for permanence in a world that firmly believes in rapid erosion of moments Briefly held near the eyes, before they are taken away for reasons unbeknown to man  It difficult reading hastily changing faces and holding on to slowness during times of urgency The killing of desires is a violent act too; “But it’s only desires being slayed”, says a stoic voice Searching for … Continue reading Impermanence


There’s more secrecy running through the nerves like a faithful accomplice The freedom to choose secrecy to defend freedom from early complacency Even if it slows down life and take detours along the alleys of conspiracy With finer strokes of secret brushes, the art of impressionism takes a new dimension This is another movement of secretive endeavours with hues twisted and darker Shades shadow the … Continue reading Secrecy

Deceptive Nature

Deceptions allow the heart to rest for a while and then becomes busy concocting stories Now the feeling of displeasure is due to the uncomfortable truths of the past Pseudo passiveness and drops of irritants in the potions create a delusional state of deception Love becomes contaminated with dangerous pathogens; there’s no cure for exaggerated alterations Trembling soul is feeble and utterly incapable of convincing … Continue reading Deceptive Nature

Essence Esoteric

Shadows aren’t soft today and more restless than the prancing winds There’s some strange aroma; some ancient magical spell could have escaped from the cracked phial Walk carefully, the steps seem wobbly and strewn glass can inflict deep pain Contradicting their nature, the voices sound heavier; some confusion and dizziness The air feels stifling and penetrates the being with an unusual message  Could it be … Continue reading Essence Esoteric

Absorbing the Melancholy

The damp day feels saturated and the heart feels satiated with joyless sky Looking for some cotton wool to absorb the melancholy from its face There is frankness in the solitude; maybe those who wish to join the conversation Not out of pity or with the intention to label the genuine concerns of an individual As a misanthrope; there are possibilities of generating inimical beliefs  … Continue reading Absorbing the Melancholy

On the Verge of Collapse

Just like old buildings, the thoughts develop cracks; it’s too early to call them dilapidated The foundations are still strong, but there’s pressure from the grouchy crowds to knock them down New fondness for the glistening ideas; although they seem to be flimsy, it enamours the fickle minds Clash of the old and new, but here it is more of a clumsy jostle for space … Continue reading On the Verge of Collapse

Wild Silence

When silence is wild and pushes the complacency towards deeper stillness It is unbearable; the senses have become used to the daily ruminations over spoilt communications How can one corroborate the state of being in this wildly antithetical situation and life transforms  From pluralism to a more secluded existence where silence punishes the senses for extravagant deviations Emerges from the cocoon duplicity, as it becomes … Continue reading Wild Silence


Crabbed minds hold on to ideas with such steely pincers Especially, a truth that has been modified and mollified Holding the truth in a miserable state of consciousness Except for the truth that should have been, is executed So many stakeholders come for a common purpose Of infecting the minds with the pandemic ideologies Happy playing with the altered and contagious truth Such is the … Continue reading Obscurantism

Deceptive Times

The absurd trophies sit there, silently mocking the grandiloquent achievements Participating in the events where ridicule for cerebral ideologies was the cause of celebration Where stony words were hurled so easily; the multiple reflections of a fractured community Privilege to become an antagonist when such desires are abundantly honoured with glistening trophies Time is usually contorted to portray the meaning of existence in a controversial manner … Continue reading Deceptive Times