The Decision

Do you believe the sympathetic lies or trust the uncomfortable truth? Both situations present themselves mirroring diverse reflections of life Which mirror you turn to?  There isn’t a simple reply; the heart would know, the turmoil through convoluted times Time behaves like a narrow labyrinth syphoning off the mind into a rushed decision Secret affinities to the alluring lies against a brave decision to face … Continue reading The Decision


Snatched away mercilessly from the cradle of mind The talons of ignorance have since become a formidable force Impaled mind lost control over the ability to generate ideas To defend the thoughts from such disgusting confiscation Some mysterious myths and their explanations are deceptive Stench of pernicious power dominates the senses Ghosts become a reality as they are provided ever-changing faces As they speak in … Continue reading Seized

A Search

The elegant air has flown into some mystical world; a thoughtful detour from the indolent valleys Here, ideas have gathered to stifle the essence of natural aroma and life’s graceful energy Slight stirrings are uninspiring to the souls that wish to dream Monotony stretches beyond imaginations to cloak the vibrant colours with insipid emotions Turbulent mirrors reflect the unsettling imagery which the eyes find it … Continue reading A Search

Overwhelming Echoes

Ever heard the curdling echoes of captive thoughts Denuded and feeble, their existence is a burden on mind The vociferous emperor dictates their survival Vandalised place and ruins remind the anarchy that will continue From here to a place of sustainable lies, the scandalous journey Thoughts are vassals of those voices redrawing their path Grotesque behaviour of thoughts masked with diktats Sullied abode cannot shelter … Continue reading Overwhelming Echoes


It is the whispers that stir the clam surfaces of emotions Initial quaver tries to reach the ground that settled to retire prematurely Calm flow contradicting the undercurrent of untold stories A temporary seclusion forced by the conscious drift through this reality Finding refuge in the derelict part of a forgotten territory Beggared soul still wishes for the simple opulence of truth Soft whispers echo the … Continue reading Whispers


Stirrings of transient memories stream through the mind Sensations on the skin trickle down to wake up forgotten dreams Worldly desires have a firm grip on the heart till last breath Influentially chronicles the fate on earth with an invisible ink Differentiating the journey on realised terrains that contradict Features that will be crafted with ideologies of superficial consciousness Dancing around in perpetual inebriated state … Continue reading Transient

Directionless Ideas

There is tremendous enthusiasm in the air; few new ideas have managed to create enough euphoria among the collective consciousness. After quite some time, these ideas, although premature, but brilliantly disguised with mature vision produces a kaleidoscopic effect. A new set of complexities are perceived to be revolutionary in an otherwise slumberous environment, persistently missing some action of the intellect. Holding onto the words and … Continue reading Directionless Ideas

Persistent Shadows

When shadows become stronger and persistent Tries too often to snoop in on the private conversations Element of authenticity of any dialogue is compromised A deep-rooted fear of failing to coerce the mind efficiently Compliant enough and even subservient to phantasms Mirror reflects the altered version, a pseudo-truth Long practice of minds to chant in unison, the drivels Eyes transfixed, been too long under the … Continue reading Persistent Shadows


Unnecessary microparticles adulterates the pure essence of life Seeking to settle down quietly and weaken the original bond  Is it so difficult to comprehend the increasing distance and tension? Fibrous fractures appear harmless and mostly unrecognised There is no time to heal the little wounds and anoint them with love Subtle breaches are ignored as foundation of life becomes prone to attacks Dazzled by the superlative … Continue reading Unnecessary

Truthful Journey

Masks are becoming vulnerable Peeling off easily to expose the truth Honesty relentlessly weakened their roots Waiting for the dishevelled characters to be exposed Thriving underbelly of existence altered reality Making heroes out of barbarians Ruffians stroll with equanimity carrying sinister plans Glorified reflections appear to be frayed Wisdom is perceived to be a mega jangle  Unsettling and sweeping off the uprooted ones Worrying, those gullible … Continue reading Truthful Journey