Harm Less

We can harm stones too Stony paths traversed Carrying the feelings like a misshapen rock Jagged edges bleeding the soul We could have been cured The prevailing melancholia transforming into poison Heartless now, in the midst of a desert Fine granules of time hurt the eyes Parched souls favor the deepening loveless life Hurtling themselves towards a chasm Working out the Karma The pestilence of … Continue reading Harm Less

Tired Feelings

Tired feelings need some rest Before they become completely wary Of the daily travails of life Place them in a safe place to recuperate Trust the doting soul to take care Assay the present sentiments of life Without becoming bitter and unrealistic Take time to introspect the journey ahead Till the time tired feelings are rejuvenated Life will approve of the positive vision One who wants … Continue reading Tired Feelings

Transform Life

Humanity has a penchant for trivializing Almost become our destiny to express in silence- Our trials and tribulations Considering them to be our only fate Speech falters and lips quiver in desperation The inability to express an unbearable pain An entire world within gripped by suffering As we retreat to dwell in an introverted world Even a sigh from the soul freezes every feeling They … Continue reading Transform Life