Distorted Perspectives

How many poorly painted paintings can you display  Against the walls that are fragile and garishly coloured Promises of that utopian falsehood depicted in many ways Surrealism distorted, with every breath taken in haste Colours were wrapped in suspicious packages Enveloped with artificial sentiments and suspicious blends Overzealous promotions to join the league- symbolic fame Perspectives lack depth while crudely annotating  The medium of averages … Continue reading Distorted Perspectives

Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Even before the words start reciting The eyes take that inefficient leap  Confident of overcoming the gap But, there are prolific narratives Series of unexpected surprises Overt creativity and metaphorical geniuses Steps of worldly rhythm incompatible Supposed nonsense with much emphasis Holed up soul in abject condition Given precedence to solitariness Oh! That blockhead Haven’t seen the glitzy world Probably, writing an epitaph What an … Continue reading Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Time and Again

Do not exploit literature with oversimplification It’s the journey of a mind along with necessary words To grasp the soul of life and narrate them with relevance What has been done or will be done by mankind is transient Straitjacketed words do not justify the flow of life Essaying the contemporary with universal relevance isn’t easy Transforming the experiences and observations is a task Only … Continue reading Time and Again

Verses and Feelings

Poet feels naked after parting ways with intricately woven verses  Relinquished designs along with embellishments of pure feelings A noble gesture by the poet to introduce metaphysical fashion Once draped along the entire being the metaphors are arrayed  Bead stringing the poetic finesse through multiple strands of sentiments Verses colored with the artistic panache, feelings evolve vibrantly Modern poetic renaissance period will continue to inspire poets Poet’s … Continue reading Verses and Feelings


Decadent feelings surged ahead with immense destruction Breached the barriers to deluge every corner of sanity Reputation wiped away and no trace of repentance Without accountability, the bestowed powers weakened Complexities from inefficient definitions of a journey Low self-esteem spiralled out of control to cast a shadow Insecurities set sail and drifted like a rudderless being Courting existence without being aware of right intentions Defense of blatant … Continue reading Contempt

Writing, a Journey

When words drown in noise, feelings are submerged forever Becomes a gruelling journey for expressions through dissonance Unnecessary thoughts gyrating in the hollow world of absurdity Ink is adulterated while conniving with the convoluted thoughts Warped logic drives the pen to revolt against a pure elucidation  Consciousness that has surrendered to counter-intuitive philosophies Expose the truth and save words from agony of constant embezzlement Retain the purity … Continue reading Writing, a Journey


Sneaky fellows flounder but find ways to creep into other’s world for a preview Artful dodgers trying to gather support from the ones who harbor similar passion Honest ways require years of dedication and sometimes even noble gestures overlooked World mesmerized with fanatical ideas to collect success without crumbs of emotions Detached from reality and acting as self-proclaimed profligates of extravagant dreams Emotional promiscuity does not allow the … Continue reading Evasive

Dedicated to Writers

The soul of any writing should be illuminating to reflect the authority and uniqueness of a writer’s truthful creative pursuits.  ~Amitav A writer must strive to enhance literature and be a worthy proponent of the rich legacy of timeless classic literature. Anyone who is into writing and is interested in literature would know that the greatest of writers fought hard to find recognition and space in … Continue reading Dedicated to Writers