Changes Undesired

Recalcitrant ideas try to wear out the intensity of changes A storm waits patiently, gathering the power to uproot resistance Who would want to be propelled to the future with vagueness? Not the foolish idea of progress that essentially depletes the trust Bothered by the ideological shifts- the liberty to oppose values Turning away from the crowd is not cowardice, as alleged A purposeless extension … Continue reading Changes Undesired

The Way Ahead- In a Mirror

Does the patience of the past become invalid due to presses of time Dissatisfaction marches on through the tyrannical and leaden paths Wraths of insensitivity, ignorance, and inconvenience develop many faces  The hunger for sympathy grumbles and churns the stomach  Stubborn steps lead to the oppressed territories where knowledge hangs in shame The courage of imbecility detonates inimical time; seeks devastation Where some still fast … Continue reading The Way Ahead- In a Mirror


Shrill and despairing voices stabbed tranquility with sharp jibes The symmetry of peace shatters, hopelessly fragmented Constant tone of defiance arise from the depths of hollow promises Obedient followers systemically brainwashed to utter clichés Loneliness becomes a constant companion affecting the sensory perceptions High-pitched voices are audible- shredding the heart and mind every day Offense becomes the best defense against the speeches of wisdom Nothing … Continue reading Narratives