Compulsive Darkness

I won’t go and fetch that thing That piece of darkness to complete the puzzle I would leave that place for an escape Do not depend on me to promise you against my will The shadows have been longer than expected Even with the light on, the house was swallowed by darkness It floated aimlessly even further in a different world Here you pester me … Continue reading Compulsive Darkness

The Facets of Poetry

Apart from composing poetry poets have tried to define poetry. There are myriad explanations, but none could capture the essence of this art in entirety. Just like this universe and our existence, we have always struggled to find purpose and meaning of life. A poet starts composing under different circumstances- sometimes it is euphoric love and passion or intense grief and failure. Nature and spirituality have … Continue reading The Facets of Poetry

Blaming the Night

“Don’t play in the dark”, says someone to the kid That’s the perception of darkness being created in a child’s mind Accusing it indirectly of being a thief, or even a demon of some kind The child obeys, but the curiousness becomes intense  Making it an unnecessarily contentious issue that settles deeper This is how perceptions are created to concoct stories Already branded a criminal, … Continue reading Blaming the Night


Without definitions Nobody’s imagination Of a stultified world Nothingness is desired Dreams are mine Freedom eternal Overlooked Not overwritten Thinking In congruence With my heart Erasing fine prints Journey with Honest footprint Broader perspectives Limitless hours Of introspection Without anchors Of perceptions Continuous flow Restful course Destinations arrive They disappear Eternity’s truth ~Amitav Continue reading Without

The Identity

Identities settled as dust particles  Obfuscating the view with granular irrationalities Abrasions from constant friction Pulverised illogical meanings pollute the mind Even the eyelashes feel heavy  Lungs bellow in constant agony-gasping for freshness Changing the rhythm of breathing An inclination went too far and now bends abysmally The backbone of existence compromised Waking up to dismal environments everywhere Insipid aftertaste of life A cacophony of impoverished … Continue reading The Identity

Frail Meanings

Lost efforts of lengthy explanations, blurry trails of words  Ineffective and incomprehensible ramblings creates an unnecessary flurry Feverish heart complain about lack of clarity, yet, there is urge to articulate Standing on a decrepit deck to test the tenacity against an undercurrent Unknown and purposeless foundation with decaying wood  Barely withstands the flow after compromising with unfriendly tides Grey mists obscure the vision of far off lands, familiar … Continue reading Frail Meanings