Mere pawns between the collision of time, the constant side-effects, persistent lethargy Low-cost extravagance, the inferior, the magnified complexes on a highly reflective and reactive mirror There is no bonhomie, jealousy, the degrees of it, sets apart personalities- the inner demons reveal the aberrations Accepting the distortions of a truth loyally has had a long lasting impressions of vigorous contradictions Stubbing out the latent rage, … Continue reading Entropy

Still, It’s Still not Enough

Crawling time develops thousands of feet, towards wilderness Thinking of arriving at freedom, from all pain and misbeliefs A lonely existence amongst a crowd infusing interpretations, meddling with the consciousness Illusions aren’t enough, contradictions are like the Lernean Hydra  Slow progress of time through a tunnel misguided, without a beginning and end Coexistence with misappropriated truths boldly etched on a fragile surface Everything seems to … Continue reading Still, It’s Still not Enough

The Chosen Loneliness

There is nothing out there as entertaining anymore other than the typical crowd A great synchronized movement, inaudible cacophony that riles up the senses Lenses of vision are scratched and a blurry hope, the hype of artificial lightings to alter the mood Everything around is so hallucinating, mere presence without prescience, false euphoric moments Lonelier tiring days amongst the crowded spaces, as if fighting for … Continue reading The Chosen Loneliness

The Fearful Intensity

Intense focus, those eyes contemplating on widespread anger There is a danger of burning the papers Creating a deep tunnel of fire through the future Only paper hold thoughts with care, without prejudice Now, there is a threat to the stories of yore Those who have failed to decode their meanings Match the higher intensity of the cryptic tales A discrepancy, superiority complex- have undone … Continue reading The Fearful Intensity

Holding on to the Silence

Silence is brilliantly patient while waiting for adverse moments to disappear. Holds the secrets with utmost resilience and loyalty. In a world where words topple over each other to be heard, ideologies clash, and knowledge sublimates to a different state of irrelevance, one can rely on silence to guard the legitimate thoughts against decay. Time is inimical, as debates run on to the stages built … Continue reading Holding on to the Silence

Restless Wings

Fidgety wings brush the rough branches Looking hither and thither, an inquisitive idler Playing with the last rays to reflect on day’s labour Fruitless and famished, city life is abominable Solitary mind reverberates to erode symbol of freedom Wings become weak and vulnerable Skies do not hold nostalgia but smoky screen of turmoil Celebration of decadent ideas is evident “Choking the pure essence of life”, … Continue reading Restless Wings


Deficiency of reason fuels anxiety and dismal thoughts Entire life, remaining in the shadow of uncertainties Does fate have to resign due to the inefficient knowledge? Inaccurate explanations breeding due to unnatural nurturing Causing irreversible damage to the true ethics of evolution Why reiterate the pain and failures while existing incoherently? Satisfaction and contentment will remain an elusive dream Constructing stories of success which are in derelict … Continue reading Resign

Unfortunate Saga

Defacing the masterpiece With our arrogance and stupidity Modern dreams To disfigure the landscapes Claim to fame Through slandering avenues Epoch of rapid degradation Education, a farce We are inking our destruction Indelible blotches on the canvas We claim innocence In the guise of repeating mistakes Dalliance with ignorance A regular affair of gratification Echoes the incredulous behavior Laziness and gluttony The virtues, driving modernity … Continue reading Unfortunate Saga

Aimless Running

Running across the hollow corridors Zigzag steps across the pillars of regrets Following a phantasm which has taken shape From the perceptions of unaware dreams Exposed to the woes of directionless journey Crumbling dreams and broken hearts are reality World engulfed in the smoke of chaotic ideas Shepherded through the unknown terrains Unaware souls in a state of deliriousness Gory details emerge from the cavernous … Continue reading Aimless Running