Carelessly bypassing reality As if time has no hold on the truth A desperate rush, resembles a tornado Threatening the core of existence Nothing is memorable anymore Truths are mere experiments In a controlled environment Suspicious ingredients of warped world Like a double helix being fixed With new information, a cautionary tale Of being taught to ignore the signs Many, many more to arrive, devious … Continue reading Ignore

Towards an Unknown

Loneliest stillness rise up like the gloomy citadel From the discontented core waiting to caress obscurity Times are frozen and unrelenting; the deadness is alive Yes, it is the time for the dispassionate stillness to thrive Not all harmonies translate to a beautiful music Thoughtful side pushed against the wall Another half is pulled away towards the dark stairs Spirals and the deadly murals complement … Continue reading Towards an Unknown


Can modesty be for real when the world is perceived to be in a surreal effervescence When despair distorts the aesthetics of thoughts and dilutes the judgment of character Artistic candour creates a tense moment; also thought to be an unnecessary eroticism Demands for little prudence as the world gathers to crowd the piece with expletives But the artistic choices have been deliberate and the … Continue reading Speculations


Don’t disunite from yourself Divisive forces are there to tear you apart Dare to embrace the intrinsic dilemma Different times same motives Drudgery of dogmatism Disquiet erupts from the scattered senses Deliberate attempt to quieten the voices Difficult times lasts of repetitive mistakes Demons and their sinister plans triumph Desolate times cloud over the landscapes Desperate moments to seek freedom Denied due to the dissolved self Dreary … Continue reading Disturbances


Some may not infer the symptoms of poetic temper Consider this to be a phase of infirm thoughts of a solitary mind Certainly not confined to the bed, but visiting places unexplored Words are perceived to be spewing delirious sentiments Unaware of the thrill of an undeciphered insanity in mysterious rhythm It is that asymptomatic passion stirring the soul For these thoughts may be impoverished … Continue reading Delirium

Aimless Running

Running across the hollow corridors Zigzag steps across the pillars of regrets Following a phantasm which has taken shape From the perceptions of unaware dreams Exposed to the woes of directionless journey Crumbling dreams and broken hearts are reality World engulfed in the smoke of chaotic ideas Shepherded through the unknown terrains Unaware souls in a state of deliriousness Gory details emerge from the cavernous … Continue reading Aimless Running