Can modesty be for real when the world is perceived to be in a surreal effervescence When despair distorts the aesthetics of thoughts and dilutes the judgment of character Artistic candour creates a tense moment; also thought to be an unnecessary eroticism Demands for little prudence as the world gathers to crowd the piece with expletives But the artistic choices have been deliberate and the … Continue reading Speculations

Poseur’s Fatalism

Perceived through the eyes of a poseur  Guilefully cultivated visions that appear to dazzle the hungry eyes Smoky skies obscure the hollowness Quavering voices learn to pulsate with the undivinely rhythm Fabulous poisons disguised as the flowing enchantress Hoping to flow through the thirsty spirits waiting to satiate parched hearts While bitter abysses overflow; a rare phenomenon of a deluge From the world of grisly … Continue reading Poseur’s Fatalism

Stubborn Thoughts

Don’t labour your mind because of the intransigent thoughts around Fill the heart with remorse and paint the day with a melancholic colour Colonies of vermins may have hollowed the souvenirs of close sentiments Now the canvas has been lit up with obstinate lights igniting flaring designs Paths mired in most sinister controversies are strangulated remorselessly Travelling without the helpful thoughts is to journey in … Continue reading Stubborn Thoughts

A Delusion

It’s a monologue with a delusional world  Convinced, that you are being heard in this utter chaos Affectionate words are repelled like water off a duck’s back Malevolent times cannot be benevolent Tryst with the smudged feelings dripping off the grey canvas Sanctity of words are desecrated by miscreants Sneaking into life with the intention to plunder Adrift, the echoes reach a crescendo Oceans restless … Continue reading A Delusion

Set in Motion

Quintessential delusion freezes the motion of thoughts Impeding the actions that could have led to a friendship Pulling away the hand prematurely; fear acts as an aphrodisiac Stimulating the mind to form slanderous images Intelligent reasoning arrested by the network of aberrations One who is not at fault is defamed and shoved away With raging eyes evaporates the last drop of wisdom Rapidly vanishing reflection … Continue reading Set in Motion

Eternity’s Hope

Freedom hibernates at the precipice of faulty reasoning Amaranthine fusion with the soul won’t relinquish just yet Handing over the red carnations from an endless bouquet of hope Waiting for that warm kiss to rescue those sighing emotions Honouring that oath taken in the presence of cosmic Spirit Time does not have the strength to ravage resilient mantra Cosmic incantations can heal the debilitating fractures … Continue reading Eternity’s Hope

Lost Wanderers

Perceptions ensnared by expectations Unsympathetic conversations fuel every debate Relationships of discomfort puncture hope    Constant derision of heartfelt feelings Nurturing the forest birthed from delusions Soulful utterances walk aimlessly like a lost child Deep and dark woods absorb negative energy Convoluted indistinct paths ambush true love Humane sentiments perceived to be a weakness Disguises are chosen with alacrity Poisoned arrows fill the quiver with … Continue reading Lost Wanderers


Body’s hidden desires  Disguised from the mind  Heart becomes a brigand Judgemental errors of superficiality Blindfolded and ignorant Allows sensationalism to persist Appearance is deceptive There’s no mercy for deceived Soul has been declined any say Passions fuel emotions There’s more to experience Insatiable and irrational Body seeks pleasure Life relegated towards misery Delusional freedom Least known about life There are hidden stories Beyond appearances … Continue reading Delusions

Paths and Deviations

The untended feelings of the heart often threaten paradise Wilting flowers just being a bud will not be allowed to bloom Colors will fade away for being in the darkness for too long What good is a flower if it cannot share the aromatic soul? Fate of a heart becomes taciturn and life becomes spiritless Holding on to the platitudes, for conformity is the choice Wrongful and … Continue reading Paths and Deviations