Life interprets you in a different way Silent and enigmatic, observing keenly Many eloquent excuses aren’t enough Enchanting ways to confuse destiny Life’s instructions are ignored Sacrificing the truth to forcefully surge ahead Language is necessary to create stories How many of them are truthful? Lacunae cannot be erased by concocted pledges Rights have been sacrificed unknowingly Letters are interpreted with ulterior motives Through the … Continue reading Interpretation

The Fiends

The demons you create To unleash hate and harm A distortion of the mind Reflection of sinister thoughts Unaware of the perils The demon’s unpredictability Quietly gnawing away The soul of the master Demons can’t be tamed It will replicate manifold To unleash mayhem The idea of annihilating Unaware and lovely souls It’s a megalomaniac distortion Means to destroy peace Destroys your existence For the … Continue reading The Fiends