Time is not Right

There is a predicament- when I think and take too long to speak, the essential time says, “goodbye” When I hurriedly pick up those bits and pieces of opinions and create a hasty narrative, it stays Even it is for a while, the ears are comfortable listening to something familiar Feeding the communications with deficient logic has been the mainstay for a while How they … Continue reading Time is not Right

Between The Creases

The forceful creases hold the feelings that have been twisted mercilessly Folded against their will, they can only wait patiently until the emergence About the folds of the mind where stress accumulates after the experiences Communication disintegrates, trust depreciates, life becomes brittle Grandiloquent plans grotesquely imprint the designs across households It is a sinister plan when the rewards are doubled for being ignorant Banking on … Continue reading Between The Creases


So often the benefits become rebellious and hostile It’s the fault of the eager eyes which can see much more than comprehend Constant benefits soon turn out to be a bigger villain than neglect Creating a complex network of dependency Slander served in a bowl, like few morsels to pulverise the hunger Tranquility takes time to become a formidable warrior Values of freedom and solitude … Continue reading Benefit


Ignorance has caused widespread destruction Every day the same saga is repeated, and often with tacit approval When landscapes could be pulverized to fulfil ambitions and greed It’s a paradox, that ambition is a word used as euphemism But the essence of its harshness cannot be ignored Rebellious minds are risking existence with deliberate instructions Essence of true character is evident from the actions and … Continue reading Absurdity

Differences and Consequences

Perennially haunted by the general views Evolved dreams from the negatives of life Differences are all the same with different hues It’s discreet, but the gaps continuously widen Interweaving the prejudices into a fine mesh Within the fixed structures of supremacy Gross judgmental errors widen the chasm Differentiating the differences with legitimacy Passive aggression is the way to feebly challenge Possibilities to weaken and erode … Continue reading Differences and Consequences