Only Reflections

Is it the reflections you adore? Not that reality of a soul, but only a scattering of perceptions Impatience is a useless concept in an impermanent reality Only that truth stays, an eternal love, reflected by a soul Do not wake up a consciousness just because it is morning Calamitous to start the day on a false note Sets a chilling expectation from a series … Continue reading Only Reflections

Feeble Intensity

If the intensity of this universe is conspired to be neutralized Its radiance being eclipsed deliberately and passion abhorred Why fear its ferocity when you face uncouth repercussions? No! Nature’s revolt is not filthy; it is the diatribe and its abuse There is a lurking fear that truth will overpower this existence Passionate love will energize the heart with a cosmic glow The vulgar embrace … Continue reading Feeble Intensity

Fatal Obsession

Feelings aren’t expurgated; they do not carry the same innocence once it gets caught in that act Conditions of the heart become feeble when harsh conditions are dictated by an oppressor World’s obsession with curbing the natural enthusiasm has distorted the meaning of love With all those frozen emotions losing their charm flow aimlessly like a forgotten brook through a dark forest Taut nerves form … Continue reading Fatal Obsession