Ther are numerous sounds we cannot keep track of Even during the most intimate dreams, many sounds are forgotten by the wayside  With lukewarm eyes, one sees ahead but falters when the steps get entangled To those strewn sounds, their intensity and rage create a mysterious network Sometimes solemn moments are not realised in the euphoria of dreams Shivers fling away extraneous emotions wishing to … Continue reading Sounds


Misreading the intricate designs of night Gnaw away the ability to visualise those vibrant designs Night after night of retrogression Dreams coil away; after waiting too long for the moment of awakening Life escapes through lapses of concentration Easy passes are traps designed to entangle a journey Night stares at the dreamless eyes The distances are too much to mend Sighs churn within to echo louder … Continue reading Misreading

In the Designs

Presented with sketchy details It seems a brilliant idea to fill in the vague areas Photocopying them  Holding the ideas, only to be needled for further annoyance Laboriously marking out the boundaries Replicating the ambiguity is not a novel approach Lengthy discussions offer formulaic decisions Blotched designs embellish the duplicates Skillful fabricators present and promote faulty designs ~Amitav Continue reading In the Designs

Invisible Doors

Invisible doors, crafted from perceptions of yore Baroque designs display so many facets of human feelings Among the cloud of collected drops of nebulous ideas Feeling the doors is an experience across threshold of time Struggling craftsmen with faulty philosophical chisel Windows feel bare and useless, choked with taut screens Nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense of this mayhem Ideologies clash behind doors and also the … Continue reading Invisible Doors


Amazed! The judgement to accomplish such designs Honoured must be the scribe who recorded the plan Even the minutest details have symmetrical facets Infinite appearances are a manifestation of cosmic perception Aligned to the existence that is vibrant and inspiring An experience of life is one of the dimensions of omniscient plan Feel the harmony and realise the Divine desire of existence Colors of this … Continue reading Designs

Speckled Stones

Gathering of speckled stones Some perfectly shaped and round Others, oddly even but crafted by nature Not from the same family Yet, they cohesively create a crowd Unfamiliar designs and trapped signs Maybe the ancient signs Communicating in a sign language unknown Speckled stones reflect brightness Looks unyielding, but may have soft hearts Years of diligent tutoring by nature Shaped their present demeanour None would know … Continue reading Speckled Stones

Life of Concrete World

This concrete world is a manifestation of our dreams. It started with one single dream which branched out with the addition of many more. Slowly, creating an ecosystem of dreams; substantiated and realized by the various formations that exist and many which have perished due to nature’s wrath or consumed by time. Every particle available in different combinations and state gives shape to the dreams. … Continue reading Life of Concrete World