The Uncommon Journey

On settling down among silence, in the cradle of a silent valley Meandering paths are not easy journeying; feels dizzier while alone Only a lonely soul trying to listen, follow the principles of the universe Leaving behind the tutored paths, walking toward gates of horizon Frequently looking at the sky, now there are no more compulsions Freedom from the routine of laying low, looking down … Continue reading The Uncommon Journey

Cannot Be

Cannot reduce the glowing sun Hold it in greedy hands Stare at it with lusty eyes Glower at the bright morning Whilst feeling gloomy within Alas! Feel helpless? Become aware of human frailty Glory and gratitude is truth Insignificant facade across the earth Cannot obliterate the truth Embrace eternity? The mirage of lies will vanish Myriad desires like shifting sands Erase all the untruths ~Amitav Continue reading Cannot Be

While Wandering

While wandering alone, there’s no one to destroy the name It’s the daring soliloquies that either blame or praise the changing landscapes Sometimes dense, sometimes sparse, there is always some astonishment Of seeing the newness of the good and bad; there’s no vanity or hiding from fear Or, the urge to hide in some deep cavern constructed by the doubtful shadows Their overworked hands and … Continue reading While Wandering

Secret Feelings

There may not be an alternative pen to compose the secret feelings Sighing within like a forlorn lover; wishing to immerse in the sympathetic ink Echoes will be penned by the pen that glides assuredly across the page When listening isn’t happening anymore, writing comes to the rescue Sitting near the dull flames to ignite the tired soul from deep slumber Hoping, the memoir will … Continue reading Secret Feelings

What you Think

What you think of the stars change according to the celestial haze Trying to trick the mind while it interpolates subtle ideas in a dreamy state One moment they seem to be stationary while they quickly change to blinking wonder Their characteristics are birthed from a dark faraway world, yet, they shine brightest The dichotomy of darkness conceiving light is a puzzling interstellar phenomenon None … Continue reading What you Think

It’s a Wish

It’s the obscurity of musing heart  Eyes appear to see this heart in different light Lost in the harangue of companions Hoping there is clarity  Array of sentiments fail to communicate Dauntless spirit still wishes for love Amulet protecting from unknown indignations Fervent dreams aspire to be born every day In the invincible cradle of life Let the fire of arguments extinguish Waiting for the … Continue reading It’s a Wish