Some Omen

Curdling clouds harbinger of some news of the ancient world From deep somewhere, the celestial womb’s cries eclipse this time Prologue written in cryptic language demands to be read One narrator who walks the worlds carrying some omen Speaks to me, to you! Can you listen in this noise of despair? Raven black holds the future climates deep in its fold Barren houses lulled by … Continue reading Some Omen


Strident thoughts let loose Caught in a rigmarole in a congested mind Eyes scream, and lungs can expand no more Erratic beats dream of another rhythm Nothing exotic like the natural one Yet, extravagant in their throes Cellular upheaval and distress calls Deafens the poor ears Out of sync flow goes berserk Winding across torturous paths Liberated in a counterproductive way ~Amitav Continue reading Ways

Feelings and Hope

Feelings die amidst profanities Those buds yearn to blossom Dreams cocooned in desires Winds of change being playful Bending stems strain the roots Stripping the heart of fantasies Hope seems a lingering illusion Buds will fade tomorrow Summer will erase their name Neither petals nor aroma Deflated days sing soulfully Sea of sentiments is shallow Horizon ignore the drift Fading light brings new hope ~Amitav Continue reading Feelings and Hope

Heart Becomes Weary

Heart becomes weary When love becomes a fantasy An imagination born out of deception The heart sways between tow worlds- Chastising the truth and encouraging the lies Such moments of euphoric gratification The world shrinks and becomes an island Surrounded by the strong flowing desires Wrenching the heart of true love, slowly Finally, the heart is weaned away forever On the island of despair Marooned … Continue reading Heart Becomes Weary

Final Deliverance

When you enter the phase of last bargain No real arguments to share When senses become useless there are no options Standing at the final throes after, battling despair Without any attempt to find truth or choose the right avenues Wrapped in layers of fabrications An aspiration to master creation to alter the course Live beyond time to fulfill desires such dreams never realized Only … Continue reading Final Deliverance

The Vessel

Every day, unmindfully filling the vessel Gathering what seems right for the soul Few things needless and fill the space with woes Where we tread determines what we gather Gathering negativity will scar the vessel walls Making it weak and vulnerable to cracks For positive things may seep out quietly to escape The vessel, filled with undesirable things Transforms into a useless piece of artifact … Continue reading The Vessel