While Being Away

While there is a fear of locks, they also keep away the intruders Also, the locks have a scornful expression and stare intimidatingly Locksmiths may know the tricks to overpower them and compel them to unlock Crooks learn the magic too; it’s their passion to manipulate them to submission It becomes a mechanical profession of disarming the locks Doors become irrelevant, the disdain vanishes, they … Continue reading While Being Away

Feeble Intensity

If the intensity of this universe is conspired to be neutralized Its radiance being eclipsed deliberately and passion abhorred Why fear its ferocity when you face uncouth repercussions? No! Nature’s revolt is not filthy; it is the diatribe and its abuse There is a lurking fear that truth will overpower this existence Passionate love will energize the heart with a cosmic glow The vulgar embrace … Continue reading Feeble Intensity

The Dissonance

The chorus of discursive fragments pause little longer than expected Their unabashed lingering does not yield any powerful discourse Sifting among the strewn frustrate the eagerly seeking hands Only a handful of dust and crusts of incoherent meanings As if under a mysterious spell, the wayward wandering, fondness for veering off Yelling at the day won’t upset it, but the mind will feel agitated At … Continue reading The Dissonance

In Desperation

Convincingly sewed are the deep pockets of desperation Where clangour of thoughts unsettle peace of mind In an increasingly noisy world, everyone yearns to be heard Civility of intelligence is a rarity among hurried desires Staring at life partially; comprehending in entirety requires patience Pushed ahead with ambitions and urgency to accumulate Driven by complicity with mass consciousness Every little distortion is amplified, but skillfully … Continue reading In Desperation


Indecisions are winding roads In desperation one loses the way Seeking an abode in deserted lands Meanderings seem endless As a lost traveller without a compass Directions flare up haphazardly  Life stares at you rather mockingly An endless journey is desperation A separation from tranquillity Tiredness sets within frazzled nerves Body unwillingly trudges along A journey of desperation Even time loses patience to heal Winding … Continue reading Desperation