Looking in the wrong direction Some mysterious events are distracting Considering you are inattentive Even naive; the reality was not a good tutor Like an early arrival A new destination for an uninitiated traveller Who wished to move around Untrained eyes always look elsewhere Unsolved riddles become trickier Restless soul plans to leave Without planning for the next journey Carrying a troublesome fortune ~Amitav Continue reading Misdirected

One Cannot Pause

When there is no luxury to pause, the sky changes its temperament  In fleeting moments, the journey takes keen turns; compulsions of subtle changes Even short steps palpitate the heart- one is unprepared  for the destination There fewer chances of listening earnestly and eyes can marvel at the smudged images Folks speak of their inner turmoil; narrates some of the interesting lines from folklore Before … Continue reading One Cannot Pause


Running away from the self, every landscape looks interesting Waiting eagerly to plan an itinerary to visit as many destinations To conquer the mountains and kiss the sweetest streams flowing Quench the parched desires and waiting to revive from the thrill  Planning every detail of the journey and abandon the camp abruptly  Attraction of the journey evokes the passion of becoming a traveler Exhilarating, sensational, and classical … Continue reading Travel

Words of Intellect

Sharpen your words to create an impact Not to slay, but to clear the obfuscating overgrowth Across the verdant valley of truth and happiness Slay the prejudices and clear the path for progress Let your words lead the travelers to their destination Leave a trail of thoughts for future generations to follow Towards the horizon where knowledge shines brightly No one should be forlorn in … Continue reading Words of Intellect

Your Journey

The journey depends on the path you choose It is easier going downhill, and It takes will and determination to go uphill The soul toiling with extreme courage Success is, freedom from things that weigh you down Real wealth is the knowledge you acquire To enhance your vision and think positively Look at life from different perspectives Remember, it’s your journey, make it worthwhile© Continue reading Your Journey