True Dreams

Chase not the fleeting dreams Momentary clouds floating with winds Carrying messages unknown from afar Soon will dissipate into thin air, without a trace Evoke the dream that your soul envisions Dreams birthed from the truth of your existence Every corner of your world enlightens the projection Clarity of dreams will take you to a desired destination A traveler you are, in the search of … Continue reading True Dreams

Untold Stories

Untold stories Words cannot express Your silence speaks Vociferous heart Yet no audience Storyteller’s predicament Caught betwixt The paradox Many words will Forever be obscure In the vault Awaiting the arrival Of a traveler Who can interpret The silence Mind search for meaning In the untold stories Communicate the feelings Kept away from the world A fellow traveler Will journey ahead Mesmerized by The untold … Continue reading Untold Stories

A Memorable Walk

When you are away from the spotlight Walking alone through the silent streets The moonlight comes to your rescue Blinded by the dazzling artificial lights The eyes take time to adjust to nature’s light Cobbled street seems familiar to you Compared to the sleek roads you traveled With each step, you walk toward oblivion Away from the crowd and cacophony You can hear a voice … Continue reading A Memorable Walk

It’s the Journey

As you walk toward a destination Walking or running through a labyrinth Sometimes you stumble and fall Or confidently maneuver through obstacles Instincts and understanding of life is a compass As you take decisions and find the key To the closed doors awaits you at every step Planned or pre-planned you do not realize the designs The patterns and crossroads that you face Sometimes alone … Continue reading It’s the Journey

Life, let’s experience it

Life always throws up challenges. The greatest challenge of them all is to decide how we face life. Since we are born, our attitude towards life is being slowly carved by the people we are surrounded with, that is, our family. Our thought processes and attitude towards life is shaped by the conversations we have with our parents, siblings and extended family members. Once we … Continue reading Life, let’s experience it