Impaled Silence

Fevered days with tired pace, tired shadows rests upon a spent world Rugged surfaces, sudden screeches, faltering promises, people grappling with misunderstood truths Common heretics follow the fallow ideas, whereas, the real thinkers are perturbed with adulterated silence Disgraced with volatile ideas, haven for compulsive liars, of snake oil sellers Silence skewered with raging criticisms, a time twisted and sinewy, ragged reasoning, unreasonable demands Of … Continue reading Impaled Silence


Utter hopelessness while trying to convince them, a witless crowd Riled up and antsy, devolution of ideologies, battling perceptions and personal demons There used to be a profound foundation once, the ability to stand independently and face the world Face the forces, the rattled waves of expletives from a giant space ruled by dark minds Listening to the forced narratives is like a continuous scream … Continue reading Stridency

False Familiarity

Familiar experiences, the clichéd outcomes, degree of differences, bent logic and amplified narratives Everything looks realistic, but they are virulent reflections of compromised particles An authoritarian thought process slowly travels through the common consciousness like a stubborn, coagulated fluid They all speak, vehemently force their opinions down the throats of unbelievers- survive on this perilous survival instincts Experiences, your addictive familiarization through sinister experimentation Imbibed … Continue reading False Familiarity

A Diabolical Environment

As you stir the submissive surface of a volatile environment, the entire nature around you transforms into something sinister. Mysterious casks parade through the abysses; bloated in the middle with some otherworldly fluid. Someone may have ordered them to jog across this ground without spilling and soiling an immaculate place. The eerieness of this environment overpowers the senses. Once in here, there is little chance … Continue reading A Diabolical Environment

Indistinct Voices

Voices in a vault Restless hands initiate sinister actions Words resemble sharp stones Shaped by years of wrath Truth insults such human urges Yet, shamelessly at war Trying to crush them Fate writ with troubled times Famished hearts’ desire revenge Peace is not antonym of War When illegitimate desires rule Troubled times birth more trouble Fossilised thoughts are excavated Horrific remains are repeated Once set … Continue reading Indistinct Voices

Narrow Dreams

Unimaginative to have replaced the greens with greys Farcical race cuts precarious labyrinths instead of paths Vagabond eyes incapable of visioning any other reality Train of thoughts so often derail and thrusts ahead laboriously Narrow dreams become bitter with negativity Wish to fly without the freedom of skies across low altitudes Earthless feelings and vanishing greens are difficult realities ~Amitav Continue reading Narrow Dreams

Denial and Lies

The ultrafine lies embedded mysteriously in the tributaries of thoughts Sometimes the heavy ones settle down to create a coarse bed of worries Sulfur vapours unable to drive away the mutant souls of despicable lies Body yearns for the raw salts of this earth  to preserve sanctity of life Unknowingly, the course of energy deviated towards the arduous darkness Persistent shadow of this universe has … Continue reading Denial and Lies

Introspective Journey

Born with the eternal desire to vanquish Carry forward the legacy of feud between thoughts Established, and with steely resilience pierces the mind Piqued existence is a dormant volcano waiting to erupt Deceptive waves of life carry the souls to coarse shores Every particle of nature acts as a sandpaper Abrasive surfaces on the skin become resistant to healing Natural desires wrinkle and happiness hides within … Continue reading Introspective Journey