Difficult Morning

Waking up to the frail lights Talking in hushed tones Everything seems sleepy all around A weak day is uninspiring Reluctant to leave the bed Soul’s disinclined to walk along Under the canopy of frailness The stillness is only within Life never pauses but progresses Amidst stale feelings and frailness Somewhere, it must be brighter Compared to this dimension Silence births new consciousness Weak lights … Continue reading Difficult Morning

So, you write?

Writing is never an easy journey. It’s a circuitous way towards a handful of words. Sometimes they are unknown in their nature, sometimes forceful, sometimes evocative, sometimes depressing, sometimes flattering, and sometimes argumentative. Even a tiring journey as this won’t assure the writer a peaceful way with words. Adroitly handling the diverse nature of emotions requires tact. The pen is only skillful only after the … Continue reading So, you write?


The wind has been incomprehensively powerful A heart, rebel it has become and wishes to resist the outrage Somber face but clenched fist and a strange turmoil between It feels lonely at times and offending to the vacuously powerful It cuts across the determination, but not too deep to slay Terror of uncomfortable silence can be vanquished The only reason can be found entrenched in … Continue reading Gust

Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Negative thoughts are the building blocks to create a fortress around you Life. They block your freedom to look at the positive side of Life and make every day a dreary experience. Suppressing negative energy within has serious ramifications and also limits your interaction with Life. Transforming negative thoughts into something positive will create opportunities for you to open up new avenues.  Negative thoughts deplete … Continue reading Discard Negative Thoughts and Start Living Life

Your Journey

The journey depends on the path you choose It is easier going downhill, and It takes will and determination to go uphill The soul toiling with extreme courage Success is, freedom from things that weigh you down Real wealth is the knowledge you acquire To enhance your vision and think positively Look at life from different perspectives Remember, it’s your journey, make it worthwhile© Continue reading Your Journey