When Thoughts are Determined

It requires a self-determined mind to cultivate your thoughts, only that is your own, which is not affected by biases. When it is time to consolidate your thoughts, do not give on to the immense pressure of diluting the individuality with majoritarianism. It is foolishness to feel privileged in an environment that changes every millisecond. The particles which compose a thought are unique in that … Continue reading When Thoughts are Determined

The Absurd

We are witnessing some refined nonsense and nonsensical culture being propagated like a contagious disease. It is surprisingly becoming a popular language to propagate a network through the networld. Repetitive can be tolerated, but the subservient tolerance for such nonsense isolates the ones who choose not to be associated with such company. What is it that gives the mind such resilience to not only relish … Continue reading The Absurd

Through Conscious Fields

Traveling through the higher conscious fields Miniature minds cannot fathom the magnitude Thinking from the superficial angles Askew seems everything when in a different trajectory Taking pride in the depth of ignorance Any advancement is a step closer to oblivion  We are captive of our own designs and limitations Fear of surrendering to life, we are on a warpath Life has recoiled to conceal the … Continue reading Through Conscious Fields

Knowledge and Development

Insecurity borne out of insufficient knowledge always decides in haste. The obdurate minds, emboldened by the stamp of authority consider their decision to be final and sacrosanct. Vanquishing the common desires and demands of the people, only a few assembled minds prepare the agenda. Being vain, by virtue of sparse education that fails to inspire and shape minds. There is a comprehensive ploy to encourage mediocrity … Continue reading Knowledge and Development

Among the Ruins

We have upped our ante towards modernization Pacing up and down frantically to build bigger and better Land masses and Nature seems our major hurdle Without a thought, we demolish landscapes and fell trees Clearing out Nature to lay the foundation of development Cutting across the divine share to etch out permanent scars Unfurling our obsessive dreams in the most hostile fashion Our serrated ideas … Continue reading Among the Ruins

Restricting Thoughts

Beware of the thoughts that slave the soul Coercing the mind and heart to believe in permanence Early are sown the seeds that blossom into dull flowers Throughout the garden of life with monotonous colors Dwelling on the regurgitated thoughts, hoping for a miracle Home detains the soul from venturing out to the right path Looking for familiarity and completely averse to find the truth … Continue reading Restricting Thoughts

Life- Efforts and Challenges

Life chooses us. We are here, trying to find out various ways to maneuver through life. Paths, there is many- Straight paths, parallel paths (never to meet), long winding paths (delays), deserted paths, dangerous paths, fulfilling paths, courageous paths, and a path toward perdition.  In life, we are presented with choices, that determine the journey. We all have dreams, some of them come to fruition, … Continue reading Life- Efforts and Challenges


In the midst of hazy air of confidence And erecting a distorted mirror To reflect the ideas of mediocrity Logic that defies the very existence Pseudo-intellectualism is a bane Every lecture regurgitated with rhetoric Leading a misleading campaign with glib oratory Trying to dominate the minds with jargons The excessive sheen of debauchery is palpable There are no roadmaps for the misguided souls Excellence is … Continue reading Befuddled