Brief, But True Moments

For a brief moment, the murkiness was washed away by early light Only to awake and rush towards the pristine scenery; absorbing the tranquility Daring to stay positive in a  transient time that brings happiness Unforgettable vibes of ancient awakening still rhythms through Whoever has drifted and chosen otherwise to believe in a continuum of darkness Preached about struggles, and how banished all those beautiful … Continue reading Brief, But True Moments

Love of Life

Life is to love with soul’s intent Love life with desires pure Wake up every day with hope Renew the pledge with devotion Listen to the advice  Within, there’s an awakening Nebulous dreams  Will be clarified by seeking Easy to lose oneself In the muddled pool of thoughts Vortex of uncertainty Threatens to swallow sanity Lovers of life will persist Piercing focus  Will shred veils of secrecy … Continue reading Love of Life


Unsure feelings hovered around the edges of eyes Brief glances craved the return of classical world Today, the vision seems fickle and withdrawn Seeking courage and waiting for another dawn Melancholic sentiments never reached the heart Virtue of the mind sought to speak of hope Glint of emotional response was inevitable Distorted reflections escapes with a saline stream Love’s assurance and sanguine heart Keeps alive … Continue reading Sight

Tribute to Love

The ink still strives to convey love Express the true feelings of the heart An inner world illuminated forever Words struggle to write the suitable tribute Silence articulates the feeling from every facet Eyes sparkle with clarity and complete devotion The aura reflects the true colors of Love Souls will dwell in the eternal abode An eternal journey of togetherness begins Worthy love takes a … Continue reading Tribute to Love