Unfolding Drama

Men strut around with ignorance like a fine plumage Learn some fancy language by repeating and memorising When cities are full of unreal dreams; lights severely truncated Dialogues curated by the adorable and stupid minds Since everyone starts to loiter around the same premises From there starts a synchronised march of the crowded mess Tinkering along the way with individuals like a game of chess … Continue reading Unfolding Drama

The Drama

Relentless drama trickle with emotions of ulterior motives Characters play out after convoluted exchange of dialogues Romancing the tragedies and creating realities at will Elucidating the occurrences and cloaking them with excuses Pride of lies light up the stage to dazzle those captive audiences It’s eloquence and  daredevilry adding dimension to superficiality A bold drama sans creativity cannot fool the audience for long ~Amitav Continue reading The Drama

For the Day

The hunchbacked day and its stolid appearance Looking not in the eye of busy wayfarers  Searching for the fallen dreams  Stowing them in a nondescript place of concrete Difficult to get away from stringy dialogues Every possible window has a hazy look Frosted breath and the perennial struggle Still, there is hope Without stomping in exasperation Freedom of life is writ on a soul Help the … Continue reading For the Day

The Pleasures of Life

“All pleasure is not pleasurable”, the eyes spoke a different language. A disparity between the dialogues within and facial expressions are pronounced. The heart takes a brief pause for a reason; although, not everyone is aware of this occurrence. It seeks a masterpiece composed by the eternal consciousness and a life embellished with true feelings. With patience, the eyes seek to adjust and sharpen the … Continue reading The Pleasures of Life


Scenes of melodramatic platitudes Scripted dialogues of exaggerated intensity Characterization of garish fashion Every Act meticulously planned Sometimes, over-rehearsed enthusiasm flows To deliver dramatic monologues Portraying the hidden desires of the heart A dramatist’s imagination captures reality Disguised in painted faces from an era Sometimes masked, to create wilful anonymity Or, stream of consciousness is narrated effectively Reflecting the true desires of the heart It’s about … Continue reading Drama