Dwelling on the differences inspires more differencesIndifferent I try to be amongst the urge to waste more time on themSome unknown energy turns into this formidable enemyI become smaller, but my mind expands rapaciouslyA distorted image; not the fault of the mirrorMisshapen reality has carved me out from my beingThis is not me, but I am living comfortably with my antithetical natureThere is a compulsion, … Continue reading Differences

The Darkness that is Difficult

Waiting for that light to comfort sleep when the night is frighteningly dark. Even the mind cannot dare to imagine a new dream; its solitude drifts towards another reality. A meek passage to escape the expanse of a dark dramatic deluge that threatens to erode the shrinking space. From where the cultic thoughts arose is difficult to trace, but one can never be allowed to … Continue reading The Darkness that is Difficult

Insufficient Explanations

The explanations wear off, casual references wake up dreary reasons Interrogations by wildly confident ideas concocted in the laboratory Contradictions for mere puerile behaviour create a ragged conclusion The inclusion of plenty of audacious conspiracies to outlaw the senses Inherited problems are modified for vilifying the contemporary times Mannerisms and schisms pull away the differences further in a frenzy ~Amitav Continue reading Insufficient Explanations

Obscure synonyms

Those who choose to relinquish the purpose and walk with the crowd Blends easily with similar identities and speak language that resonates With a gathering of ears while earthly time decides the pace of journey That desire to be distinct soon erases from each grain of existence Curdles language and incoherent feelings inadequately communicate Thick flow slows the pace of feet that dreamt of walking … Continue reading Obscure synonyms

With the Darkness

Some darkness is persistently annoying Contradicting the starry night of song and laughter Pleasant conversations drown the cricket’s song Anxious flame of the candle paints a scene Different moods emerge from lengthening darkness How deep the heart wants to inquire about it? Nestled in the quietness of serious introspection The busy city may not be aware of such leisure Guarding the hard-earned break against prying … Continue reading With the Darkness

Lover’s Lament

One who walked away without a convincing goodbye Now desires to follow the footsteps through memory lane Walking a purposeless path; imaginary communication with a silhouette Spirit has long retired to a solitary place to contemplate a road ahead Why meet someone for a rendezvous to recollect strewn feelings?  Not many of them are there; withered and taken away by a storm  Those paths have … Continue reading Lover’s Lament


Differences can cause havoc when the individual loses all sense of integrity. When there is no communication with the mind and heart, a life can go astray. It is significantly noticed that narratives of ‘differences’ are deceptively played out and paced at intervals of life when the mind is most likely to absorb them entirely. Passive minds favor platitudes and almost always give into the ploy … Continue reading Differences

Turning Away

When you turn away, do you have time to collect every little memory In haste, a swivel changes the direction of focus that once meant the world An obsidian space transformed into an undulating terrain of suffering Unprepared heart afflicted by the unnatural turn of events Fate changes in seconds, tremulous feelings weaken the foundation Opposing gazes express the vitiated relationship with a clarion call Ousted from … Continue reading Turning Away