Setting the time back, pushing fate towards an endless chasm Diabolical intentions of hastening retreat after defeating the soul, its surrender, fatal Time is a curse, caught in the cyclical nature of follies, of mankind ignorant of life and light Weakening the energy, no more warm vibes, but a dangerous coldness grips the world Enough hiding the bitter truth, a psychological thriller, mendacious propaganda Trying … Continue reading Inglorious


Continuous drivel cannot absorb the urge to seek  For a language that can spell the Soul without faults Tongue imprisoned by words of absolute insensitivity Pity the mayhem?  There isn’t any pattern to the dissonant voices Death of dreams- a responsibility shunned by perpetrators It’s unmanly to hide the failures behind mawkish faces Triumph of wrong illegitimately marches ahead Earth isn’t hopeless but those irascible … Continue reading Contemplations


Silence is surprisingly misconstrued Even when masks of sound wear off Absorbed words can be overwhelming Open eyes staring at offensive approach Speaking of taking away the rights From life, a life is offered unsatisfactory A disgrace when unable to choose Imposed speeches utter false nobility A flimsy cloak of freedom is insufficient Hiding behind the recklessness Striking with a sense of vengeance Improper information … Continue reading Thereafter


The night and darkness are in an eternal passionate embrace Misfortune! Such a beautiful relation has been tarnished by evil minds Tranquillity and the pervasive tender moments threatened by aggressors When the world morally accepts the vandalization disguised as competition Unfortunate! Distorted reflections are deflected towards impressionable minds Carrying a misfortune is not enough but spreading the cause inspires Poisonous roots run deep to weave an … Continue reading Misinterpretations

Simplicity of Life

There is eternal beauty  In the simplicity of life Joyous songs and happy hearts Through the wondrous paths  Without the disguises and veils Not an attempt to mask Revel in true emotions and love Exuberance of an affable soul Delight to walk through simplicity Life is enjoyed with clarity Without a wish to conspire and dilute With every drop of vicious feelings Leaving the pristine … Continue reading Simplicity of Life