Wait, the World Awakes

Don’t spoil the fine weather with leaden thoughts When you seek tomorrow with much hope for another opportunity Nurture the seedlings with your tears; let them flow, for it is of happiness Even the stars shine brighter and sprinkle some celestial enthusiasm Wait for dawn, they will face the sun gleefully; see their ecstatic movements As dreams become reality, through the magical moment of fresh … Continue reading Wait, the World Awakes

True Dimensions

Propagating untruths and fear and asking a favour of love in return Is a devious idea of acquiring sympathy from the truthful and virtuous The dimensions of lies are aberrations from which perceptions suffer In obscurity of darkened world moving dangerously through narrow labyrinths Death of subliminal feelings revive the murky ones; they thrive in vile environs Discriminating evil is essential to save the sanctity … Continue reading True Dimensions

Some Ideas

Some ideas are just silhouettes Where imagination blends with light To play at a different level and wavelength It’s a magical souvenir As the eyes seek coherence From the realm of isolation  Here, communicating with light Darkness is the perfect canvas Now that they are conceived Allow them to play with your senses Dancing with the silhouettes You do not realize you could move Freely, … Continue reading Some Ideas

The Quietness

The quiet world is much more intense compared to the fierceness of chatter They occur in a rhythm whose pinnacles shatter the obstinate reflective facade Modulating the flow of truth that matches the intensity of universe’s eternity Consciousness carves out a landscape overnight to bathe in early morn glory Prayer reverberating there to wake up profound reality to cleanse the lies Time is unnecessary when … Continue reading The Quietness


From unknown depths ancient mountains have emerged The ferocious awakening of another world set an unprecedented change Dynamic perspectives cling on the fierce looking facets How was that space accommodated to compensate for the shift Mighty hands may be directing the rhythmic movement of Earth Stirring the layers of different consciousness through space Sky mirrors the depths in a mysteriously placid canvas  It’s deceiving, when … Continue reading Depths

Inherited Thoughts

Rely on those thoughts Inherited during sleep When the mind is transported Into the realm of eternity Sleep, a portal to an ethereal life There are no imitations Congregation of multi-dimensional Where every facet of life Creates a matrix in cohesion Reflecting the coded messages That are embedded in the soul Mind’s eyes have eternal vision An event of synchronicity The connection remains elusive Sleep … Continue reading Inherited Thoughts

New Life

We are interfering with Nature’s affairs Trying to restrain the expanse of Life Man’s shrinking consciousness Elicits the abhorrent plans to design Mechanize the essence of human form Altering the feelings to reckless pursuits Coerced to trust alternative reality Real power of the universe will be elusive From the sinister minds of humanity Nature will transmute to a cosmic vortex To transport the hindering consciousness’ … Continue reading New Life

The Night will Reveal

The night spirals to nothingness An ethereal world opens its door Every speck of consciousness is alert Fibers of light connect with every node Communicating to summarize existence From nothingness, awakened particles travel To enter into the mortal realm Encode the messages from the consciousness A superficial world waits to awaken Engineered from the weakest phases of mind Judgmental error on nature’s foundation  Night’s leisure … Continue reading The Night will Reveal