I Cannot Follow the Stories

You speak in haste and voices change tracks without warning My ears are strained while listening to your stories Before my mind can examine, they get entangled with a new theme It irks me that I cannot listen to you in leisure Go away- travel some more, gather some more stories; carry some patience next time As if your tongue is misdirected by the misdirected … Continue reading I Cannot Follow the Stories


Adrift; far away from the course of a future that may become a reality Elements within has listened to unprophetic narratives and changed their energy Without the synergy with the universe’s elements, a shift and rift is evident The heart speaks in a different accent and remains incommunicado from the truth Mere drift may not feel too much trouble but the shift in perception is … Continue reading Future


As many footsteps are wasted when they are do not tread the intended path Many words are wasted while translating borrowed feelings that aren’t friendly to the tongue Every morning without a feeling of purpose sunshine fails to illuminate the dodgy labyrinthine ways Expressionless face try to articulate the degree of knowledge in clinical approach Stigmatising the products created from wildest imaginations of futile thoughts … Continue reading Fading


The inflated vessel loses sight of the shore Frolicking with the waves; Petulant dance guided by the malefic stars Night descends on the serpentine cadence Defiant sky reverberates with diabolic chants Revealing the secrets of treacherous destination A raging horizon spews thunderbolt warnings Burdened with worldly jewels by gouging insatiably This undulating journey of delirium Through liquid labyrinth, guided by blurring planets There’s no strength to anchor itself … Continue reading Misfortune


Venerable feelings deflect off a dormant heart There is an obstinate silence reverberating in the chasm A space filled with boundless indiscretions   In desolation there is an endless churning of emotions Even the oasis transforms into a mirage Parched heart bereft of the pleasure to satiate agonising thirst Impassive eyes are resuscitated briefly with lust Seduces the gullible feelings that overflow with melancholy The hunger … Continue reading Directionless

The Ambiguity

Life’s immortality exists in a mortal body  There is an ambiguity in the proclamation  When the consciousness seeks eternity A shadow of doubt pulls the attention towards the physical It takes time and eventually the renunciation of that illusion To believe that we are not adjuncts of this paradise Looking at life with disregard for the essence of life Seeds of discrimination sprout and take … Continue reading The Ambiguity

Turn your Life Around

Turn your life inside out To examine and ponder over realities True persona, a reflection of yourself For the whole world to witness the real you With the vulnerabilities and faults The weaknesses and the darker hues It may seem vulgar and outrageous To open up your world within for display When the strain pulls you apart You are at the crossroads, deciding Pulling you … Continue reading Turn your Life Around