Trading barbed words to acquire peace Precincts carved out from scathing visions Soil blended in acrimony unable to yield tolerance More of strategic warble weaken reason Embittered feelings alter the consciousness Like an omniscient cloak pulling in heads Sheltering them from further communication It’s desirable to be obedient without questions Arched emotions afflicted with painful times Fiends camouflage themselves in obsequiousness For every dialogue becomes juvenile banter … Continue reading Disconcerting

Between Words and Feelings

Where there were gaps, one heard gasps Words were sitting afar, showing contempt Feelings could barely pass through the turnstiles Disappointment escalated at all levels Heart started pacing across the emptiness When the mind was traveling in a vague trajectory It’s difficult coordinating a meeting An alliance to exploit the distances To fuel the animosity between words and feelings© Continue reading Between Words and Feelings