Unfolding Turmoil

Unfolding from the didactic discourses Dialectical and delusional approaches with stern eyes What’s birthed is beyond the imagination of life Souls nurtured with acrimony; the decimation of senses Chances of survival under the forensic eyes are slim Shouting tyrants can become the greatest joke Ears have been used to the dirtiest language possible To dehumanise; thus, delineates the purpose  Mightiest minions inflated with volatile sentiments … Continue reading Unfolding Turmoil

Harsh Tone

If only the language could be held culpable for narrating the numerous lies Lest one forget the numerous shrewd ponderings to choose them deliberately To translate and train the tongue with fluent ability to invade logical communication It’s a blatant mockery of thinking and moving away from sympathetic dialogues Those lame-brains who consider learning this possible way of subservient existence Along the way language has … Continue reading Harsh Tone