Love loses its way through the complicated wandering of a heart adamantine Crouching along the imposing arches and derelict pillars, it’s an unusual predicament Cryptic glances misinterpreted, some weird tales are woven with incendiary sentiments Base concupiscence diminish the soul of love into an apparition with malevolent feelings For, the arches may twist and pierce the crouching spine like a cunning marksman In excess hues, … Continue reading Accursed


There are fantasies of vengeful love  Absurdities manifested in some eloquently hidden literature Written in a cryptic labyrinthine way to baffle the interpreter Not so much of a yearning of a soul to be with another A convoluted narrative of raging passive angst for love itself That consciousness needles the heart every day Yet, the true emotions of love do not permeate the pierced heart A … Continue reading Obscurity


How long can one nibble at the hollow words? Even the insects change their course when the hollow pass leads elsewhere for interesting food Powdery remains of those words float around on spilt ink An unwilling pen won’t satiate its thirst with it, for fear of clogging its senses Last drop of feelings are overused, and the dry patches of pages aren’t impressed Choosing between … Continue reading Hollow

Scattered Thoughts

The fate of those scattered thoughts and dilemma over their future Whether to relinquish power and let them disintegrate into million pieces The soul feels lighter due to a sudden decrease in emotions; less to worry about Relationships and their binds aren’t easily severed A realisation comes much later, and with it follows the lengthy composition of dirge Praying for mercy from the void; there’s no … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts

Deceptive Times

The absurd trophies sit there, silently mocking the grandiloquent achievements Participating in the events where ridicule for cerebral ideologies was the cause of celebration Where stony words were hurled so easily; the multiple reflections of a fractured community Privilege to become an antagonist when such desires are abundantly honoured with glistening trophies Time is usually contorted to portray the meaning of existence in a controversial manner … Continue reading Deceptive Times


The strung-out words wrenches the beautiful feelings Distraught and distorted, their reflections are contorted reality Mirror may be accused to be at fault for mirroring the twisted realms There is a world beyond oneself where the eyes can seek  With freedom and not being reprimanded for accentuating the defined contours Specific and determined, a vainglorious passion amplifying certain emotions Which seems to be cathartic, but … Continue reading Deceptions

Thousand Years

If it were a journey of thousand years Enough to correct the ways and fewer complaints Or, busyness would keep the mind on edge till nine hundred and ninety-nine Time is such an illusion, never enough and insatiable Detours will lure the heart to unknown alleys  Forgetting to introspect and not allowing the senses to mature Ravenous mind is never settled with less, wishing to exploit … Continue reading Thousand Years


Nurturing fickle and facetious sentiments in the mind A heart becomes disengaged from sentience and wisdom Brazen thoughts infuse lethal doses to obliterate senses Seeds of lasciviousness and avarice establish a firm presence There is ultimate anarchy across the furrows of prescience  A life of frivolity loses trust in introspective judgement Ignorantly moving towards the lure of aggrandized servitude Moments of satisfaction sizzles for some … Continue reading Suspicious

The Fate

In a stupor, trying to fathom a predicament Knocking down consciousness with psychological abuse Drowsy eyes vision a serpentine path Lustful heart desires to be entwined in gratification Choleric fate emerges from malevolent intentions A treaty signed to emphasize the malefic influences Soul feels powerful but dissipates with every action It’s a forceful surrender that scrapes the knees Etched on forehead are new decrees of life© Continue reading The Fate

Direction and Purpose

Roads do not lead to destinations anymore Interferes with journey as they abruptly cut across With the swash of a lethal sword severing the purpose Within, there’s the jangle- outside reality in a duel with resilient mind Paths of extreme delirium stumble upon each other  Winding, straight, neglected, and even the reclusive roads  Busy ones are abused and obey the fate even after being pulverized Pensive faces … Continue reading Direction and Purpose