Choosing Trust

An unwavering trust on the fickleness of man Not time alone, but a lot of jostling with ideas Undisguised celebrations of mistaken identities Fidgety hands flipping the pages too soon Waiting to glance at the blunt and rude images Frank discussions traded with secret gossips A crude demonstration of intolerant coexistence Spaces marauded by a crowd; onlookers rejoice Models of insincerity standing on flimsy foundations … Continue reading Choosing Trust


Fallow terrains, unattainable desires, mistrusts and chaos All eyes on the expectations of change… not within, but what you are surrounded with Worthy or not, the stubborn desire to dominate the circumstances Picking out the flaws with merciless pincers… they distort the shape further A grotesque accumulation across the barren lands is an unworthy sight Mistaken perceptions find something to celebrate about the triumph A … Continue reading Barren

Too Close to Identify

Do not bow too close to the consciousness that reflects It becomes an odd posture and the eyes cannot determine the dilemma Like falling into another reality and drowning What happens to the other character who forced it on the contemplations It is like an unwilling surrender and aimless floating thereafter Being servile to the chaos that hid so well under the calm surface Some … Continue reading Too Close to Identify

Feeble Realisations

Inimical waves breach the decrepit defences of a citadel Mangled designs were revived from discarded parchments Bruised egos gathered to conspire a faulty realism Charlatans were honoured for their extraordinary contribution Paving the devious labyrinths that resemble poisonous vipers A painter holding a palette with the darkest shade of gloom Obliged to serve the Muse with absorbing sinister dreams  Blue from extremely cold sentiments, silhouettes mourn … Continue reading Feeble Realisations

Incredulous Narratives

With a look of incredulity, the essence of beauty is sullied When radical sentiments strangle the minds into submission Fantasizing about the unchaste thoughts to become a reality Common sense becomes incommunicado allowing a free run Dual personalities coalesce and form an inseparable character Surpassing the postmodern narratives with grotesque schemes Channels of knowledge overflowing with sludge and debris Ideas are being sold and consumed, albeit … Continue reading Incredulous Narratives


It’s not noble to tarnish nature with feeble decisions When we cannot comprehend the meaning of silent prophecies It’s not our prerogative to smear the facades with capricious dreams We have digressed and chosen routes that lead to parched landscapes  Missing the favoring streams of love and benevolence of sincere feelings Travelers endeared themselves to the perceptions that are wayward Unstable thoughts trigger the process … Continue reading Instability

The Ambiguity

Life’s immortality exists in a mortal body  There is an ambiguity in the proclamation  When the consciousness seeks eternity A shadow of doubt pulls the attention towards the physical It takes time and eventually the renunciation of that illusion To believe that we are not adjuncts of this paradise Looking at life with disregard for the essence of life Seeds of discrimination sprout and take … Continue reading The Ambiguity


How many missteps it takes to stumble? With passion, there’s the urgency to acquire While everything has a facade The unseen ones reflect sinister intentions Leaning toward obsequious life Inimitable styles add the serrated edges Glint of mischief with steely resolve  Every action castigates the soul to submission There’s the lure that flows with rage Fate is being shuffled like cards Each group mocking at … Continue reading Misstep