Stubborn Thoughts

Don’t labour your mind because of the intransigent thoughts around Fill the heart with remorse and paint the day with a melancholic colour Colonies of vermins may have hollowed the souvenirs of close sentiments Now the canvas has been lit up with obstinate lights igniting flaring designs Paths mired in most sinister controversies are strangulated remorselessly Travelling without the helpful thoughts is to journey in … Continue reading Stubborn Thoughts

Unfamiliar Dreams

Unfamiliar dreams, the night is eerily still Time loses its existence; the pause is anxious  How can a night’s sleep become antagonising? While wanting to be alone with the dreams Now is the moment of being awake with fear Night’s character is quite sinister at such hour One can’t even wipe the sweat off confidently This is another unknown world to wander Eyes burn from … Continue reading Unfamiliar Dreams


Frothy ideas float and the bubbles explode with false enthusiasm Distinct sight of surplus unenthusiasm; eyes detect this burgeoning void There may be too many concoctions in preparing toxic effervescence  Excellent contribution of waste surge ahead with the stories of modernity Pouring that glass of water seems to be innocent and pristine The bane of survival while trying to mediate with the unhealthy ideas ~Amitav Continue reading Futile

Unexpected Feelings

It’s a difficult task tackling the mind traveling over corrugated life Where fate can change unexpectedly given the tumultuous journey Feelings rain over the heart inundating the darkened caverns Never felt before emotions wake up from the sudden breach  Days look dreary when the eyes are dipped in gloomy shade of grey Ashen faces reflect the weakening determination of life’s tenacity Speaking in a monotonous tone … Continue reading Unexpected Feelings


Increasingly the days are perturbed by commotion Hurling expletives from the core of an unsettled heart Significance of the day is relegated to mere opportunism Events experience a swift metamorphosis from sleepless nights A sudden swerve of the path penetrate through sombre days Busy travelers deciphering the inverted images of life Sky looks forlorn and expands the hues of resentment Once, golden moments beckoned hearts to … Continue reading Days

Anxious Nights

As the world becomes louder Decibels do not spare the nights Creepy voices scare away the innocence When the mind could calm itself Or, aimlessly admire the sky Also, invite silence to join the soirée Always a faithful companion Heart yearns the silent nights To reflect upon the universe at leisure Distractions of myriad kinds Insecure hearts try to fill the void With unnecessary decibels Frazzled … Continue reading Anxious Nights