The Light

It is difficult traversing the abysses that appear at the transition of eras Seasons remain the same, so does the languages and elements of life But that profound change stares from the landscapes; hidden signs are manifested in the changing genetics of nature It’s another genesis from the light reborn from the Divine womb Rifts in the Universe are signs of little fissures through which … Continue reading The Light

Eternal Synthesis

Words of the soul rest somewhere in the deep folds of eternity Imagine the Lotus nurturing them like dewdrops sweet and aromatic Even the gaze look beyond to understand the profoundness of silence Affinity toward a synthesis of worlds from a celestial destiny These languorous moments comfort the soul like a warm blanket It is not necessary to meander and reach when destiny comes calling … Continue reading Eternal Synthesis


Darkness recedes when waves of innocence return after a hiatus Poignant moment submerges little hesitantly at the confluence of light Wintry season in the heart transform after reassuring embrace Awakens love for life in the soul after hearing a profound echo It’s time to realise the divine relationship with eternal soul Clarity descends in the eyes while seeking deeper in true being Sky portrays a … Continue reading Beginning


Distances are measured with the eagerness to continue Towards a direction chosen with positive intent and integrity Soles of enthusiasm allow the feet to travel without exhaustion A Divine voice communicates the purpose to focus on signs Every road has a meaning and they make way for a devoted traveler Your soul becomes the nucleus to disseminate the eternal energy Brilliance of knowledge allows the … Continue reading Consciousness


O’Nameless, you reside within me Custodian of the Soul Voiceless, and yet, the most profound Communicates with the subliminal Directs life by guiding the Senses Silence leaves the Self bewildered Clarity dazzles the vision for a moment Messengers come from every direction Teachings of the infinite world There’s no language to distort reality A miracle of eternal knowledge  Fills the crucible of wisdom  Awakens the … Continue reading Realization


Drink with thee eyes Eternal showers have arrived Or, get drenched to the Soul Earth wakes up in happiness Waiting for this aroma Feet becomes playful Waiting to splash around Stains of fresh mud and designs Rejuvenates the child within Intoxicated with boundless feelings Songs of nature and rhythm Clouds have been benevolent Today, the child can play Kisses of rains bring peace Tranquility and divine … Continue reading Rains