Drink with thee eyes Eternal showers have arrived Or, get drenched to the Soul Earth wakes up in happiness Waiting for this aroma Feet becomes playful Waiting to splash around Stains of fresh mud and designs Rejuvenates the child within Intoxicated with boundless feelings Songs of nature and rhythm Clouds have been benevolent Today, the child can play Kisses of rains bring peace Tranquility and divine … Continue reading Rains

The Candle

The candle proudly stands tall Willing to sacrifice itself Once lit up, the world illuminates Flame dances to the tune of the winds Heat melts the soul and clings to the sides Resembling ivory sculptures Idle eyes capture the imaginary designs Intricately scrutinizes the melting candle Life burns away every moment Candle narrates the purpose of Life Providing light till the last breath Sharing warmth … Continue reading The Candle


Be remembered by the beautiful fragrance Emanating from your beautiful feelings A loving heart is a messenger of beauty Anointed in myrrh and surrendered to Divinity The eternal world guides the Spirit Footsteps inspire the Earth to spring blossoming flowers Entire landscape is embraced in contentment Rejuvenating life and delivering the message of Love Blessed with eternity is the soul in this pursuit Trail of fragrant feelings transforms … Continue reading Messenger

The Celestial Crucible

My eyes were searching the skies Soaking in the tranquility of night Today, the moon resembles an ivory crucible Exquisitely crafted by the night craftsman Chiselled with the Divine tools with perfection The open window did welcome the dreamy glow Precious artifact from the divine world Graced the night sky with eloquence It urged me to fill the crucible with my dreams Tonight, I shall … Continue reading The Celestial Crucible

The Heart

The heart that feels real Strong muscles vibrant with life Every beat resonates with truth Enthusiastic flow of a red stream Pure life, enthused with dreams Sending pure sensation everywhere Stimulating the mind to meditate Mantra of life Reverberate through hallowed chambers Divine rhythm of the heartbeat Echoes the purpose of existence Heart holds with gratitude, this Life Revered custodian of Holy Spirit© Continue reading The Heart

Impermanence and Eternity

The world welcomed a soul with hope Entire universe planned a journey Wonder in those eyes, and brilliance Did not cry to announce the arrival A quiet passage into the new world Here, the journey will be of Karma Rise above the unreasonable boundaries To keep the mind pure and soul free Seek to shine brighter with wisdom To inspire impermanence of universe A soul … Continue reading Impermanence and Eternity

Do Not Lament Over Sunken Dreams

Do not lament over sunken dreams If they were true desires of the soul They will be buoyed by the eternal forces Salvaging the dreams from any depths You have placed your trust in the Divine Congregation of positive energy will be your guide Be resilient to the mute opinions and disapprovals One with the Universe you are a formidable being With every breath, you … Continue reading Do Not Lament Over Sunken Dreams